BRIT Awards: One Direction Gives Justin Bieber Advice: ‘Keep Doing What You’re Doing’ (VIDEO)


On Wednesday night at the BRIT Awards 2014, host James Corden spent a quick minute with One Direction. Wedged in between Niall and Liam, the host asked the boys if they had any advice for Justin Bieber, who recently has trouble with the law. Watch video below:

While 1D squirmed, Louis did tell Justin, “Stay strong and keep doing what you’re doing,” though it was hard to tell if it was a sarcastic, noncommittal or genuine response. Either way, Corden played his part by reacting with mock dismay.

“That’s the worst advice ever!” quipped Corden before ITV conveniently cut to an ad break.

  • Kalani

    Seriously who disses the most talented guy ever.

    • Justin heart Bieber

      People with no talent

  • Kalani

    Justin is a good guy. He doesn’t deserve hate or anything

  • Kalani

    I love Justin. He’s one of the hottest guy ever.

  • hannah bieber

    keep doing what your doing ??? ok so u want him to keep partying,drinking,smoking,getting introuble with the cops ??? lol ok u shouldve been more specific

  • nicki

    Justin is a wonderful guy. He doesn’t deserve hate or criticizing he just need support. And One Direction need to be specific on what they mean when they said “Keep Doing What Ur Doing”

  • belieber :)

    thats the worst advice ever! justin is so talented and good i love him and beliebers will keep going to like him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Jessica

      Until he drink drives again and actually kills someone! How can you be a fan of someone who is such a spoilt little brat fair if you like his music and think he’s attractive but you beliebers need to stop pretending like you know him personally and realise that he is making a mass of ridiculous serious mistakes and he doesn’t seem to care as long as he has his millions I know a 13 year old girl with more maturity and respect than he seems to show!

      • SamanthaLuvsJustin

        Who ever said that he would drink & drive again? Justin is not a spoiled brat & maybe we do know him better than you think! Justin does care about us the Beliebers, he doesn’t care about the money & neither does his family! Why do you believe everything said about him?

      • Zoe jordan

        Jessica he isn’t a brat soo ur probalby a directioner ,I am but that isn’t nice

    • Zoe jordan

      He didn’t mean it like that I’m a dectioner and a beliber (I know I spelled it wrong),he meant it like keep doing what ur do OK he didn’t mean it like that,There ALL THAT MATTERS to me , THEY LIGHT UP MY WORLD LIKE NOBODY ELSE, you see what I did there yeah but it is hard being both but I’m not going to chose … OK i don’t want us to FIGHT ,we already have enough of that well bye

  • meann

    who are they anyway

  • Kalani

    There not even all that great. Isn’t Harry styles dating Kendall Jenner

  • namrata

    hav you seen yourself 1d ?i dont understand why dont you mind ur business and stop dissing others.
    Justin is a talented one more than others(1d) and i am very much supportive for u

    • Samantha

      I’m laughing at all of these comments. One Direction arent making fun of him. Louis means that he wants Justin to keep ignorin the media, and keep going. Which is what Justin is doing. Stop hating on One Direction, they did NOTHING wrong. And if you say otherwise you are just plain dumb.

  • Molly_bieber

    I don’t understand if one direction likes justin or not there’s a lot of mixed signals but the first thing that came to my head when they said “keep doing what you are doing” is that justin is their #1 competition so they want him to keep doing what he’s doing so he will ruin his career and they become more famous? But justin is wayyyyy more talented he just made a few mistakes..he’s not all bad:) and why go in one direction when you can go ALL AROUND THE WORLD!

  • ivan

    ID Is the only real competitor of Justin among teens and i am sure they and their management enjoy seeing him have problems so they can be on top. People in the pop world are competing for attention and money and would step over others to get them. Justin is not like that; never disses anyone or acts like a diva among other artists as he shows with Cody Simpson who was regarded some time ago as the new Justin Bieber.

  • meann

    one thing why i really love justin its because he didnt fight back nor diss other people……

  • ka

    im sure louis meant well for justin. he just didnt specify it

  • bieberfever#1

    well that was rude…… at least justin doesn’t diss anyone back or anyone at all

  • ana

    for all those ignorants he meant MUSIC! y’all dume how old are you guys?

  • Kalani

    Justin is amazing and just so hottie

  • here for justin and selena

    @ Jessica DO yourself a favor and leave justin alone for once we can be fans because we love justin we are not pretending.

  • ivone

    Keep strong and keep doing what you are doing, means ignore the BS the media is throwing at you and keep writing your music.

  • here for justin and selena

    @Jessica believe it or not justin is almost 20 he can do whatever he wants!!!! Justin is not spoiled at all you only know his name and not his story. Justin went through a lot when he was younger parents were young in their teens when they started taking responsibility in caring for him. Justin was Unprivledged didn’t have a lot growing up in Canada had to sacrifice everything For his mom pattie. You will never know how kind hearted justin really is and all the good inspirational things he does as a person all you believe in is what the media says???? Well I used to have doubts about justin too. Let me tell you something your wrong!!!! You will never know the meaning of giving up your childhood for you to be able to chase your dreams you will never know what it’s like to be a belieber and give up the life you once had for your fans or your beliebers. Yeah justin did a lot for us so don’t start rambling on about how justin drank and drove on the streets and how bad of an artist he is when you know nothing!!! About him. We are so thankful for what justin did for us and we are proud of him. Justin and US BELIEBERS ARE STRONGER THAN YOU HATERS ARE WE DON’T CARE ABOUT WHAT YOU SAY. Justin is not perfect no one is first of all justin does care so you need to be quiet. Excuse me don’t you ever say that about justin I know he’s done some stupid stuff but we all do sometimes but he’s learning and growing there is no need to judge him for the things he does justin is young doesn’t care about what others think of him. I made that mistake started judging many times but I knew it was wrong because I was doing it to someone I loved. Hating/bullying others is wrong words hurt a lot and they cause a lot if harmful things to happen. Words hurt more than you think they do knowing that it was wrong to do what I did I never will do it again. So before you say something THINK about it before you judge. Stop hating on justin he’s just a young man trying to live his dream and live a life that he loves. Justin is so talented and doesn’t deserve any hate whatsoever.give justin some slack justin is such an amazing singer and entertainer. Imagine if you were the one getting picked on everyday how would you feel???? People watching every move u make without even knowing who.you are writing false stories about you to make you upset. Cameras in your face all the time???? Think about it you wouldn’t like it would you???? I didn’t think so…… stop now…..

    • Kalani

      Um not everything is about them are true. It’s so far from the truth.

  • stringbiebs

    You guys take everything out of proportion. Louis said “keep doing what your doing” meaning, keep making music, continue being the person you are. I don’t get why in interviews they ask other people about Justin, like WHY ARENT YOU TALKING TO THEM ANOUT THEM!?!?! The only one being rude was the interview. 1D are amazingly talented, they are almost just as big as Justin they are just more on the down-low with what they do. Justin is the target for media rn, one day 1D will be