Chantel Jeffries Tell-All about Justin Bieber “We’re Friends” (Video Interview)

Justin Bieber chantel jeffries interview

Miami model Chantel Jeffries (21) has opened up about her relationship with Justin Bieber for the first time on E!news.

Chantel said she’s never dated Justin and they are just friends. She denied that she ever saw Justin use drugs and all just “misconceptions” and “not true”.

When asked if she and Justin had kissed, she said:

We’re friends. Do you kiss your friends, Terrence? Do you sleep in the same bed as your friends?

And when asked about rumors that Justin is addicted drugs, is out of control, lost himself, and doesn’t have anyone telling him “No,” she said:

Just misconceptions about Justin. Not true. I’m not around all the time. In the past I don’t know what’s happened with him, and it’s not really my place to say anything.

When asked about their infamous night with Justin in Miami, she said she couldn’t talk about the DUI and drag racing arrest for “legal reasons.”

He was just happy to be out. I think he just wanted to get away and have some fun, probably thinking Panama would be a place there wouldn’t be so much attention.

When told she’s been labeled a “gold-digger”:

If anything, you can say I’m a goal-digger, because, guess what? I have my own goals. And I’m focused on those. I don’t really need anybody else. I’m like a strong independent woman.

Check out the video below, Chantel Jeffries’ video interview:


    So Justin Bieber is the so-called ‘role model’ for you kiddos? He is teaching young kiddos that it is alright for a grown man to sexually hang out with a horny girll in a bikini!! Wake up. Illuminati puppet

    • No Hate, Just Love

      Sexuality is a natural thing. I miss your point.

    • SamanthaLuvsJustin

      Chantel JUST said everything WASN’T true! Justin never touched her in any inappropiate way & he hasn’t been using drugs! Justin is not an illuminati puppet cuz it’s not even real.

      • Ana

        Do you live with him? Justin was tested positive with drugs. Okay. How old are you? And justing is now a drug addict. In Atlanta they found week on his escalate. Okay. Get your facts straight and stop defending him. Drugs are something bad. Grow up and read a book.

      • Aulani

        There friends. They not even dating

    • me

      he signed a contract to be an artist, not to raise anybody’s kids.

      • Leilani

        Exactly. Don’t blame him for other peoples’ mistakes. It’s his life. If you can make your own choices, so can he. You’re just being rude and looking for faults, but you can’t find any.

    • Aulani

      Lies and more rumors

    • lindsay

      He is a grown man.. and why are you here anyways? Why waste time if you dont like him?

    • Claudia

      Did you not read that Chantel said that they are FRIENDS, and that one does not kiss their friends or sleep in bed as your friends? And of course she is going to be wearing a bikini AT THE BEACH, where you are allowed to wear one because you are AT A BEACH. And just to be clear, there is no such thing as a good or bad role model. A role model is a person who you put your faith in, someone who you can make a connection with. Someone whose attitude speaks to you. And what does the illuminati have to do with all of this? He’s already 20 years old, and you have better things to do than to hate on a 20-year old person.

  • amyheart

    luv you justin

    • Ana


  • Belieber

    im glad she’s sticking up for him.


    I have respect for her now. Im glad she’s sticking up for Justin!!!! :)

    • Ana


  • Lose biebs

    FAMEWHORE do you think she can actually say that she slept with she signed confidential agreement

    • Ana

      How old are you?

      • Claudia

        By the way she’s speaking, I would guess she’s 5 years old.

  • Neli

    Everything about this gal looks so fake 2 me she probably looks lyk one of those prostitutes who gets paid 2 lie #i hope he used protection with her if they eva slept together she has so many whore features and the pictures she posts online skank

    • Ana

      Did your mom gave you permission to used the internet. Kid

  • Weza

    Now she has an eye brow line after this bieber saga and yet she says she aint no gold digger

    • Ana

      Y’all complain about people hating on justin. And y’all haters too.

  • I hart biebs

    Whore we no your type speaking out nw after a month when w beliebers r moving on he cn do beta

    • Ana


      • stupid people

        who are you and why are you on a JUSTIN BIEBER website saying shit about him?
        attention whore

  • biebs 4 eva

    She posts nearly naked photos online and posts pictures of her self smoking and she expect 2 b respected nt me h cn do beta after all he has a reputation 2 mantain tht h doesnt f hoe since tht brothel incident and nw this

  • biebs 4 eva

    She a gold digger i still by that why is her eye brow line coming out nw after the whole bieber arrest

  • zari

    I believe what she said about her and Justin but I have feeling that she was probably using him for fame..not so much money.

    • Claudia

      I agree with you.

  • biebs fan

    Nw tht she hs an eye brow line coming she has decided 2 break her silence she expect pple 2 respect her WHORE U can do beta justin

  • Bizzle

    Good gurl Chantel I’ll give you the d for a reward.

    • here for justin and selena

      Your just like any other boy I know what you want justin no wonder your not kidrauhl anymore I miss you justin!!!!!! HATE what I just read watch out boys just want to get girls your not the 18 year old I saw in 2012 your friends look what they’ve done to you look what you’ve done to your self. First you have selena then you have chanell you will never get how much you hurt me will you??????

      • here for justin and selena

        You will never change!!!!!@ bizzle

  • Ana


    • here for justin and selena

      Bizzle is 19 he’ll be 20 in March on Saturday bizzle is famous.

  • stringbiebs

    They aren’t sleeping together and she’s not a prostitute. Marijuana isn’t as bad as meth or cocaine or anything else Justin is NOT doing. You people who hate on him need to get YOUR facts straight.

  • ♥belieber&jelenator♥

    omg really she said she never been arrested there is a fucking mugshot to show you fucking attention whore

  • hannah bieber

    wow i have absolutely nothing to say lol

  • rb

    I believe her, look what happened too Simon Cowell when he went poking for fun with Lauren Silverman. He now has an $80 million baby, baby! Congrats Simon!! Chantel Jeffries or any other women given the opportunity to have sex with Justin “except for Selena Gomez” would be no different in my opinion.

  • belieber for life

    Chantel is pretty and nice so idk if they go out I just hope if they do ever go out than she makes him happy

  • nicki

    She is a really nice and pretty girl. If they do go out that will be ok as long as she makes him happy. But its up to Justin and Chantel if they want to date.

  • biebs fan

    GOLDDIGGER her interview looks fake

  • Sinthia

    Just leave the damn boy alone he could be with any girl that he wants to be with a boy and girl could be friends too is not like they together like I could say Jelena for an example and no matter what you guys say you guys complain about it all the time rather the girl that with him is not even famous she a model yeah but we don’t really see her before.Is not like it’s Jelena man you guys are messed up.

  • Maddi Bieber

    Just to be clear on this, Justin doesn’t do serious drugs like coke or crack or meth. He does weed and that’s it, Kenny said it on twitter to shut the haters up. A little wacky tabacy ain’t gonna do shit!! and I know for a fact weed is actually good for you, it reduces the risk of cancer. Look it up motherf*ckers!

  • Just STOP!

    She says she was never arrested ,really there is a mugshot so don’t lie!!
    And Justin is not bad human and all that but you guys really believe they never touched eachother.. really I guess they are friends with benefits! I just don’t believe what she says because she lied about arrest so why you think she is telling the truth about other stuff ? #smh

  • Claudia

    Stop complaining about Chantel, they said they never dated. If at a point they do date, then let it be. Justin needs figure this out by himself, and figure out who’s really there for him. He’s going to know if she’s using him for fame.

  • AnDa

    I think you made little spelling mistakes there. It doesn’t make any sense when you say “goal-digger”