Chantel Jeffries Tell-All about Justin Bieber “We’re Friends” (Video Interview)

Justin Bieber chantel jeffries interview

Miami model Chantel Jeffries (21) has opened up about her relationship with Justin Bieber for the first time on E!news.

Chantel said she’s never dated Justin and they are just friends. She denied that she ever saw Justin use drugs and all just “misconceptions” and “not true”.

When asked if she and Justin had kissed, she said:

We’re friends. Do you kiss your friends, Terrence? Do you sleep in the same bed as your friends?

And when asked about rumors that Justin is addicted drugs, is out of control, lost himself, and doesn’t have anyone telling him “No,” she said:

Just misconceptions about Justin. Not true. I’m not around all the time. In the past I don’t know what’s happened with him, and it’s not really my place to say anything.

When asked about their infamous night with Justin in Miami, she said she couldn’t talk about the DUI and drag racing arrest for “legal reasons.”

He was just happy to be out. I think he just wanted to get away and have some fun, probably thinking Panama would be a place there wouldn’t be so much attention.

When told she’s been labeled a “gold-digger”:

If anything, you can say I’m a goal-digger, because, guess what? I have my own goals. And I’m focused on those. I don’t really need anybody else. I’m like a strong independent woman.

Check out the video below, Chantel Jeffries’ video interview:

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