Conor Maynard: ‘I won’t make mistakes as Justin Bieber, I don’t do illegal stuff’

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Conor Maynard says he won’t make the same mistakes as Justin Bieber because he’s “good at not breaking the law”. The 21-year-old British singer recognizes there are temptations all around for young pop stars like himself and Justin, who has had several run-ins with police recently.

Maynard has assured his fans he has no plans to copy Justin Bieber but he does have sympathy for the pressure Justin must be under as one of the world’s most famous musicians.

Speaking about Justin’s situation, he said:

I don’t worry about ending up like Justin. I can just not do any illegal stuff! I feel like I’m good at not breaking the law. That’s always a good trait to have as a person.

As an outsider looking in I feel like that maybe he feels as though he can’t do anything right, no matter what he does he’s going to be shot down. Maybe he thinks, “If you want me to do things wrong, I’ll show you.” But you never know what’s going on in people’s heads, you never know the pressures and the stresses that Justin has.


    Stupid cowardly man ! Do you know that Justin Bieber’s innocent ?

    • Fact

      No he isn’t you fool. He is as guilty as they come. Not long to wait know until he is locked up.

      • AJ

        You don’t damn straight they aren’t gonna lock him up. He’s gonna get a probation and community service.

      • Kaysie

        Oh shut up

  • Belieber Forever

    “I won’t make mistakes as Justin Bieber” i guess you’re not a human being and how dare you saying that conor.. you lost my respect for you. why is this world too mean to Justin?? ughh >..<

    • Fact

      Because Justin acts like he is ABOVE everyone else, Justin can rot in some cell for the rest of his days.

      • Xozariahxo

        Ok UR stupid justin made a mistake but have you even been reading what the Miami police station have been saying ? Did u watch the video ? Ok yeah he had a DUI but he wasn’t drag racing I’m pretty sure if u were a 19 year old boy to 100 MILLION to spend u would be doing bad things probably even worse

      • selena is my smile

        @ fact leave justin the heck alone he doesn’t deserve any hate whatsoever!

      • Kalani

        No he doesn’t. He’s normal just like everyone else. He’s adorable

    • ALee

      He won’t even get to Justin’s lvl this is my first time hearing of him and his music is kinda suckie but not good enough to last

    • Kaysie

      I use to like connor hate him now

  • ivan

    Would he say that of the One Direction kids who have been caught smoking, getting more and more tattoos, drinking, associating with a stripper at Harry’s birthday? Also, is he saying he’s perfect unlike everyone on this planet who makes mistakes?

    • Kalani

      Pls Justin is Human and he’s not. Connor Maynard isn’t all that either

    • Jess

      Justin has been caught doing the same and much worse.

    • Kalani

      Connor acts like he doesn’t get into trouble. What is he an angel. Pls give me a break

  • ivan

    By the way, Bruno Mars was arrested once for DWI and has admitted smoking pot. Why is he never criticized? Don’t get me wrong, i love Druno Mars, a talented, nice guy. Just pointing out the double standards when it comes to Justin-everyone wants to pick on him because they want him to come down from the top.

    • Kalani

      Hasn’t a lot of the celeb smoke or done things they regret. They probably wanted to have fun. Who cares what the media thinks

    • justineee

      Maybe because other celebs admit to doing things wrong but justin just denies it all

  • meann

    woooow…hands up

  • Gabriel

    Like anyone gives a fcuk what he does lol, I didn’t even knew the guy existed…

    • Kalani

      He’s not even that well known, seriously Justin is way more popular then that idiot.

  • bieberlove

    pls jb is innocent he’s a great guys funny,sweet ,

  • ivan

    He is one of the teen stars people were saying was the next Justin Bieber; what happened?

  • Cassie

    @fact this is a fansite for true beliebers. We dont need your negativity here go do something else if u have nothing to say.if ur a bieber hater why the hell are u on this website wasting ur time? Stop bullying justin.as for us true beliebers keep praying and all will be well :)

  • rb

    It’s funny how all these nobody’s wants a piece of Justin so they can boost their career.



  • Kristi

    Beliebers read this please!!

    I used to be a HUGE Justin Bieber fan, my walls were literally covered from the floor up to the sealing with his posters and pictures, i even had some posters on the sealing. But now i can honestly say that i’m not a belieber anymore, i haven’t been for a few months now. And don’t come telling me that i’m not a true belieber or any shit like that, just because i’m not a huge fan of his anymore DOES NOT mean i don’t support him with his music and everything else.

    But people listen to what your saying! I understand that his a 19 year old boy with millions in his wallet to spend and that everyone makes mistakes. Trust me i’ve made so many wrong choices in my life that i regret to this day and wish i could undo them. But isn’t there a time for all of this to stop?

    Stop for a moment and think about it, he got a DUI and all of his fans stood by him in that moment for the police to free him and i’m really proud of you guys for doing something like that. But think about it, if a drunk driver hit your cousin or one of your family members or even someone you really love/cared for, would you want that person to be freed?!?

    I think that this is a good question to think about, would you be happy if that driver would be freed and only because of the reason that his famous and has the money?!

    I know what the Miami police has said about him and about the video, and before you say anything. I know it’s wrong and of course they shouldn’t have done it, so there’s also the question why they released it!? There the police and they shouldn’t do something like that.

    I’m not saying i agree with what Conor said, but in some way he did have a point. I can’t imagine what Justin’s life is like and don’t tell me that you do, because we both know that you don’t!

    “If you want me to do things wrong, I’ll show you.” Maybe this is one of the things going through Justins head, who know’s.

    I remember when someone told me that people do stupid things to get there 15 min of fame and stars do fake marriage and some even have a baby because that helps them stay on the cover. Justin has done so many stupid things in the last few months and honestly i think he should take like a year or 2 off and just go somewhere and be on his own.

    And i don’t mean Canada, just because it’s his hometown or whatever. I think that they should send him somewhere else, somewhere he’ll be alone and able to think about the things his done and how he has made it this far.

    There are people who have there doubt in him and people who stand by his side like little soldiers. He needs to remember where he came from and who helped him get here and if his ready to lose it all because of drugs!?

    I think that for the most part he should get rid of Lil twist and his other ”friends” who do drugs and ect. I mean cammon, a few of his friends just moved to his house without even talking to him or anyone else about it.

    And Twist has taken Justins car and driven it around the town, crashing and running over someone. Who get’s the blame? Justin why? Because it’s his car!

    All in all, i think that he should take some time off and just think about what kind of an idol he wants to be to his young fans, who he wants to be. Also get rid of his so called ”friends” who got him hooked on doing drugs and ect…

    • Tanisha

      Like anybody is going to read that long story lmao you wasted ur time

      • Kalani

        Thank you I agree. Any normal teenager is going get in trouble. That’s inenviable.

      • loco

        Lmfao have a fun time in college then! If you can’t read a couple paragraphs, I doubt that you can write a ten page essay.

      • Kristi

        At least what i said is true and i don’t need you people telling me if i’m a hater or whatever, because i won’t listen to you. And it seems that YOU had the time to read that and actually replayed to it, what does that make of you then?!

    • rb

      Please take some time off and get off this web site. Your comment makes you look like you can’t think for yourself! “Idol” is reserved for good parents. I grew up listening to drug bands like the Rolling Stones and Lead Zeppelin. I did not start taking drugs because they did. I am my own individual and I think for myself.

      • Kristi

        I can’t think for myself?! I need time off this web site?! Do you even hear your self? ”Idol is reserved for good parents”, then why do people call Justin a bad idol now?! Maybe you should check some facts before you replay. Last time i checked i didn’t say anything about anyone starting do to drugs because of him. Seriously people maybe you should actually try and understand what i wrote and see the truth behind it. I’m not a hater, but i guess that hearing the truth hurts.

    • Belieber

      Nobody wants to hear your story about u becoming a hater. Just leave.

      • Kristi

        Sorry, but if you actually TRIED to understand what i wrote you’d understand that i’m not haiting on him and that i still support him with whatever he does, but everything has a beginning and an end

    • Kalani

      It’s probably all lies and rumors.

    • Zoey

      You are so damn stupid!! If you so much as gave a f bout Justin than you would know that he wasn’t speeding! And we don’t know for how long the weed was in his system!

    • Claudia

      You lost me at “Beliebers read this please!!”

  • Tanisha

    Conor Maynard need to shut up. “I don’t do illegal stuff” smh oh please bye

  • pranav

    the clear thing is. mr jb is above all. so no one growing or lil grown celeb want him to be a sticker of music,money,coolness,smartness.. to those bullys i would recognise hardwork.

  • selena is my smile

    We need to help justin find his real self maybe my song I’m about to write called “the real ME” can help him get back on track. It’s not like justin is ever gonna respond to my comment so I can just stop typing……

  • selena is my smile

    Connor whatever his name is needs to chill justin is human!!!!!!

  • Belieber

    Seriously? “I wont make the same mistakes as Justin”. He just needs to shut his face. Justin is a human and makes mistakes. Except that. Ugh.

  • Sarah Bieber

    Wow. Calm the freaking tits. So what if he says that? He’s not saying that he wont make ANY mistake at all. Just not the same onesthat justin has made. You think Conor ( or whatever his name is) is arrogant for sayig that. What about afew years ago when Justin said the same thing? Like he would never make the mistakes the other young pop stars had made? Stop being so defensive. And its not like hes insulting Justin, did you even read the second paragraph? .

    • Kalani

      Yeah like you people know Justin personally. He’s amazing and just a good guy.

      • Sarah Bieber

        And you know him personally I suppose?

      • KALANI


      • KALANI


      • Sarah Bieber


  • belieber

    Justin does do some outrageous stuff but I have never heard of weed ever hurting anyone :/

  • hannah bieber

    oh please everyone does illegal stuff somehow.hes acting like hes an angel and he wont do any mistakes smh hes not even that big of a celebrity so he needs to stfu

  • stephanie

    at first I thought this was gonna be just another person hating on him but he’s kinda right… he probably thinks that way (2nd paragraph of interview)

    • stephanie

      cuz sometimes I feel that way and end up doing “bad” things….but I still love Justin no matter what c: belieber through thick and thin <3

  • Linnea

    He needs to get of his high horse

    • Kalani

      Whatever STFU. Fool. People act like they weren’t young and naive. Connor isn’t any different. He’s not talented just stupid.

  • Jbfever

    I don’t care who you are. Actualy I don’t know who you are. Proof it first then dare say that you will better than Justin. It’s too soon to say that stuff.

  • namrata

    u need not hav 2 be like him conor becoz he is one of a kind and you can never be like him

  • Justin’s girlfriend Samantha

    Justin everybody makes mistakes we learned from& were still young forever
    And then we get married and have kids oxoxo oxoxoxo

  • soror

    ok i love justin and conor
    conor shouldn t say that
    and justin u need help…get better please

  • ivone

    NEVER SAY NEVER!!!!!!!!!!

  • zari

    He made me damn mistake hive him a break Conor doesn’t know how it feels to have everyone watching your every move or have people root for him to mess up ! Sure..hes famous and all but TBH..Justin is the only pesrson I know that has the worst amount of hate coming towards him ! But no matter what he still stays strong and he is one of the strongest people I now soooo..SSD

    • Kalani

      Wow haters need to get a life.

  • truth/reality

    who the hell is Conor Maynard? exactly

  • amira

    Conor Maynard : how many people know his name in the world? Not even sure I spelt it right. This kid should learn some humbleness before he finds himself in trouble. No-one is perfect, and if he was half as famous as Justin, probably he would have done all the illegal stuff or even worse Justin has ever supposedly done. Shame on him to believe the emdia Bs, even worse claiming to be better. Come on, Maynard. Building up some fame on someone else’s grieve? Not good at all.