Cosmopolitan Confuses Justin Bieber With Justin Timberlake on 33 Birthday, Miley Cyrus Calls Out!

Justin Timberlake Birthday MIley Tweet Cosmopolitan

Cosmopolitan magazine tweeted out a story honoring Justin Timberlake‘s birthday, but mistakenly wrote Justin Bieber‘s name in the headline.

The tweet read, “50 literally perfect photos in honor of Justin Bieber’s 32nd birthday,” with a picture of Timberlake featured just below the text.

Miley saw it and she tweeted, “Bieber on the brain @Cosmopolitan.”

O well.. Justin has been all over the headlines lately. Between his DUI arrest in Miami, getting charged with assault in Toronto and his private Jet detained because of pot smell in New Jersey — it seems like everywhere Justin goes he lands into hot water.

UPDATE: Cosmo has clarified tweeted mistake.
Cosmo clarification

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