Enrique Iglesias: ‘Justin Bieber Won’t Ruin his Career As Long As No Drug Ploblem’

Justin Bieber enrique iglesias

Justin Bieber and Enrique Iglesias pose backstage at Power 96.1’s Jingle Ball 2012 at the Philips Arena on December 12, 2012 in Atlanta.

Singer Enrique Iglesias has come out in defense of Justin Bieber and said Justin’s recent actions are merely “common mistakes that teenagers make” and he will be able to maintain his successful career “as long as he doesn’t have a drug problem”.

Enrique said in an exclusive chat with Capital FM:

I think they’re exaggerating what’s happening with Justin Bieber. I mean, c’mon when you’re a teenager, who doesn’t drag race? I know I used to try and race with my friends all the time. Unfortunately he’s under a microscope and he’s been caught a few times.

Enrique also said Justin could bounce back from the current headlines and have a successful career regardless.

I don’t think what he’s done — going to ruin his career if you ask me. As long as it doesn’t get worse, as long as he doesn’t have a drug problem, as long as he doesn’t go haywire.

I think they’re common mistakes that teenagers make.

This week, a court date was announced for the trial of his DUI arrest.

Justin is currently on $2500 bail and will appear in Miami court on 3rd March.

  • Kalani

    See that’s what I’ve been saying. They lie and just make up stories.

  • Kalani

    See Justin is a good guy. He turns 20 next month. He will be a young adult. Who probably just lost.

  • Kalani

    Enrique is right . Justin will bounce back and come out stronger then ever.

  • Kalani

    The paps are always up his ass. And a l

  • Kalani

    The paps are always up his ass. And a lot of other celebs to.

  • Kalani

    People act like they were never young and naive. Justin is just testing the waters

  • Kalani

    The media exaggerate everything. Like what’s next justin and Selena were caught holding hands at the hotel.

  • Kalani

    Didn’t usher say the same thing that Enrique is saying. Just hope he doesn’t mess up.

  • Kalani

    I love Justin. He’s not a bad guy. He will bounce back.,

  • Kalani

    I wonder who are these sources.

  • ALee

    I don’t think he is lost he just being him or doing what most people his age experiment because think what are most college students probably doing on a Friday Saturday night most likley same thing or even worse

  • Al

    He is just easier to bust that’s why the cops are always on his case

  • nandra

    Justin is getting mature next month. He can do whatever he want ..
    as long as is not about drugs .I love him so much ..

  • Heath

    Lol ploblem

  • sibobelieber

    another reason to love enrique inglesias♥

  • Belieber

    Enrique is right

  • ♥belieber&jelenator♥

    i agree

  • ivan

    As long as he stays away from hard drugs, he will be Ok. Hard drugs can kill you. Pot is not that harmful but he should not do it as long as it’s not legal. It is legal in Miami and some other places if used medically.It could affect short term memory when you are older and your voice if you smoke it too much. But it’s best to stay away from all illigal drugs.

  • ivan

    1] stay away from drug using bad friends.
    2] cut down on clubs-they could be trouble
    3] keep wearing nice clothes he won’t be criticized for
    4] concentrate on music and sports
    5] handle the paps better, they will take their pics anyway.
    6]have his security be nicer to paps and people

    If he does this, he will avoid problems.

    • Kalani

      Uh if they get aggressive. Then justin and his bodyguards have every right to push back. Hope the paps get eaten alive by bears.

    • Kalani

      Yeah you can’t exactly tell Justin to stop going to clubs. He’ll probably go to more clubs as he allowed to.

  • Tanisha


  • Kalani

    Yeah If the paps gets aggressive. Then celebs have every right to push back. Kick there ass. They deserve it.

  • Diana Garrido

    Yeah Justin is a really good guy I love you Justin so so so much

  • rb

    It’s safe to say that Chantel Jeffries and Justin are somewhat dating. Check out TMZ: Justin Bieber parties in Atlanta Justin & Chantel (JC)


    we alll make mistakes in life and he has and in life we have to face it and i when i hear people taking shift about jb and making up storys yea justin makes mistakes in life but he is just a person

  • hannah bieber

    I don’t like Enrique Iglesias but I respect him for defending Justin and I had no idea him and justins were friends

  • BelieberDude96

    THANK YOU, Enrique.

    Finally, someone who has some brain cells.

  • nicki

    Finally someone has some sense

  • CupCake

    Seriously? I mean, it’s very kind what he says and all but come on, it is not normal to get arrested for drunk driving, at any age.

  • m l

    they need to get his father and some of his friends out of the picture and then he will straighten out.

    • Kalani

      Yeah like that will ever happen.

  • Belieber4life

    I agree with m l. People are jealous they don’t put themselves in his shoes. I hope most of the things are lies.