Enrique Iglesias: ‘Justin Bieber Won’t Ruin his Career As Long As No Drug Ploblem’

Justin Bieber enrique iglesias

Justin Bieber and Enrique Iglesias pose backstage at Power 96.1’s Jingle Ball 2012 at the Philips Arena on December 12, 2012 in Atlanta.

Singer Enrique Iglesias has come out in defense of Justin Bieber and said Justin’s recent actions are merely “common mistakes that teenagers make” and he will be able to maintain his successful career “as long as he doesn’t have a drug problem”.

Enrique said in an exclusive chat with Capital FM:

I think they’re exaggerating what’s happening with Justin Bieber. I mean, c’mon when you’re a teenager, who doesn’t drag race? I know I used to try and race with my friends all the time. Unfortunately he’s under a microscope and he’s been caught a few times.

Enrique also said Justin could bounce back from the current headlines and have a successful career regardless.

I don’t think what he’s done — going to ruin his career if you ask me. As long as it doesn’t get worse, as long as he doesn’t have a drug problem, as long as he doesn’t go haywire.

I think they’re common mistakes that teenagers make.

This week, a court date was announced for the trial of his DUI arrest.

Justin is currently on $2500 bail and will appear in Miami court on 3rd March.

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