Fake! Don’t Buy Justin Bieber’s Tickets – Cairo Egypt

Justin Bieber fake concert cairo

One of Justin’s team Brad Haugen has confirmed that Justin Bieber’s Cairo events is fake!


  1. If you look at my early comments on this you will see I said it was a hoax. We have to stop believing everything until it’s confirmed by reliable people. I have said that over and over.

  2. @here for justin and selena…..yes xanax is a drug..u should know that cuz tmz accused justin of taking it…im bummbed! I was going!! Ugg what a way to ruin my day!!

  3. wtf you guys are actually falling for this i know him and he would never do this to us were supposed to be there for him but no you guys are believing this he needs us more than ever but if you guys are going to be sore losers about it you guys are NOT TRUE BELIEBERS!!!! i will always be there no matter how much damage he does or all the trouble im a true a belieber and im disa pointed in all of you for letting him down

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