GPS Record Shows No Evidence of Justin Bieber Drag Racing. Cops Lied?

 Justin Bieber driving Lamborghini just before he was arrested

Cops may have lied about Justin Bieber drag racing, GPS records emerge.

TMZ has obtained the GPS records from Justin’s rented Lamborghini that he was driving at the time of his Miami arrest, and his speed doesn’t show any sign of drag racing.

Cops stopped Justin Bieber's rented yellow Lamborghini!

Cops stopped Justin Bieber’s rented yellow Lamborghini and arrested him on the 2600 block of Pine Tree Drive in Miami Beach!

The photo of the record shows that at 4:09am Justin was on Pine Tree Dr. where the alleged drag race took place, but the paperwork shows that the car was only traveling at 27mph.

Upon his arrest, police had accused Justin of racing at speeds of between 50 to 60mph.



  • Kalani

    Seriously the cops need to be suspended for lying. I’m sure justin wasn’t drag racing

    • Justin heart Bieber

      They really do need 2 b suspended that was not fair at all that’s y J said “what did I do” now I’m pissed

      • Adrian

        because its bieber they want so badly to pick on you. sorry justin. they will get theirs on Judgement day. stay in Christ Jesus bro.

      • Lovely

        Wow I’m just so relieved that maybe he will finally not have to deal with all this and people will finally leave him alone.

    • belieber


  • Kalani

    Who does that. Oh wait the media and tmz. They have the ugliest people ever.

    • bumba

      Not the media and tmz… It’s actually the police in this case.
      And since, it’s a media, aka TMZ, that just gave you the evidence that he wasn’t drag racing, you cannot blame it all on the medias!


    Obvious that cops’ve lied !

  • Bieberr is life

    So you mean to tell me they broke him and ruined him for shit. Seeing this really pissed me off, I have developed a hate for Miami. -____-

  • Analovesbieber

    I knew he wasn’t drag racing, me and my friends saw the video and we was like “he’s not even speeding”. Dam, why do tmz always want to ruin peoples lives? #TMZaretheWorstNewsSiteEver

    • bumba

      TMZ reported that he wasn’t drag racing. Sure, they aren’t real journalists, but they are the ones that reported the fact!
      As for their report of the incident, well they only said what was in the police report. So stop just saying that all they say are lies, since, well you are in fact using their evidence to back that up !

  • nandra

    Is the cups really lie about Justin drag racing ? And still arrested Justin eventhough he didnt do it .. wow .. is the cups really knows bout the Laws Role ..ckckkck poor. Açtually Justin can sue them back ..

  • stringbiebs

    This explains why he resisted arrest. I would too if I did nothing wrong.

  • Belieber

    So the cops lied? Wow I’m not surprised. No wonder why Justin was like ” what the….did I do”? The cops should be suspended.

  • nicki

    They are liers. That’s why I see why Justin was like what did he do. They should suspend the cops.

  • Diana.Garrido

    There liers big time Justin I love you so so so much

  • Tigger

    But that doesn’t matter; the charges were for DUI, driving with a suspended license, and resisting without violence. he wasn’t charged for drag racing, so nothing should change.

    • Birk

      The reason he was stopped was for suspicion of drag racing, and this was the probable cause for pulling him over. Now if this drag racing can’t be proved, then there goes the probable cause out the window and with it all evidence gathered, statements, and the D.U.I. also becomes inadmissible. That’s the way the law works. No probable cause, no conviction.

  • hannah bieber

    wow i knew justin was innocent.i cant believe people would do anything to ruin him..now i know why justin was like what the f*** did i do.poor justin .justin should sue them.he got arrested for something he didnt even do!!!!!!!!!! haha fans left him for no reason

  • Sinthia

    He still charge for his Georgia license that expired, charge for egging his neighbor house and other things I guest.

    • Birk

      You are a disgusting hater, why are you even on here?

      • stop that guy

        Those are just facts. How is that hating? You are discusting, you don’t even follow Bieber’s philosophy of love. You aren’t a real fan. you Birk.

  • Sinthia

    Justin need to get over drugs it give you short living and it not going to happen now but like later on if over doing it that the end you.

    • Kalani

      What hell do you know. Justin is a cutie. I love Justin

  • joshua

    ok we need to stop saporting him when he does theys inmachure things ok he got arested 2 times he is trying well i am not trying to sound racest but he is trying to act black he has friends that are that collor and did u know if u have ur pants downr realy low u are avalibal for other guys it was the style in jail#### good luck bieber u are going down the drane

    • joshua

      and i am not saying he is gay

  • Tanisha

    I knew it was fake

  • Sarah Bieber

    Uh…wow. When tmz posts something yall dont like yall say its fake. But when its something that defends justin yall jump on it. Bias much?

  • Deport

    As a student studying criminal justice and law the whole “All the evidence gets thrown out because there is no probable” that some of you think is true is not. He was pulled over, was drunk, and fought with the cops over his arrest. On top of that he tried to say he couldn’t take a breathalyzer and that it wasn’t working, when in fact it was. All you Justin Bieber fans are just to idiotic to realize how much of a fuck up this kid is. Sure he has a decent music career since his whole fan base is 10-16 year olds who literally know shit about the real world. Justin could kill someone with 1000 witness and on camera and all of you would scream “Fake, he didn’t do it, he had a good reason, ect. ect.” Grow up, Deport him, he serves zero purpose being here.

  • cookiefacetw

    It’s amazing how rumors stop the whole world seriously this cop needs to get they’re facts straight before accusing somebody your innocent into proven guilty and clearly he isn’t guilty these rumors are killing his image haters need to get a life

  • #1belieber

    No matter how much they deserve it Justin don’t get back at them. Let God handle it bro. They’ll get their judgement someday for lying.