‘I Love You Brazil’ – Justin Bieber Sends Message to Brazilian Fans

iloveyou brazil

Justin Bieber’s Believe” movie hits theaters in Brazil on on February 28, 2014, and here’s Justin ‘s message to beliebers in Brazil.

  • Kalani

    He’s so cute with his accent

  • Kalani

    Aww hope Justin gets to do a video for his other songs

  • Kalani

    I love seeing justin shirtless and just him being himself

    • Jasmincurry

      I love you Justin Bieber

  • Tanisha

    aww the way he says “brazil” is so cute

  • hannah bieber

    the way he says brazil lol omg its so cute <3

  • Diana Garrido

    Awww that’s cute I love you Justin so so so much

  • Belieber

    I love the way he says Brazil <3 freakin' cute

  • nicki

    Awww that is so sweet * ♥

  • sophia

    he has my best friends voice face , eyes he is so adorable love you always justin


    justin looks sooooooooooo cute and i love when justin says Brazil its sooooooooooo hot

  • nelci

    Awwwwn ‘, Justin Nós Belibers do Brasil também amamos muito você …
    By : Nelci Brasil
    Whatsapp : 054 91810219
    hahahaha bjs rekalq

  • Birk

    A message to all Beliebers to go to Justin’s official VEVO channel and help push “Baby” to the 1 Billion views mark.. It is almost there with just over 11+ Million views to go!! What a great early birthday present we could give Justin to make “Baby” his first 1 Billion views video!

  • Kiara

    Booooooooooooo He Is A FACK

    • Lily

      I know