Ignore Rumors, Focus on truth

Ignore rumors

Justin wants his beliebers to ignore the rumors and focus on the truth.

18 thoughts on “Ignore Rumors, Focus on truth

  1. Averie

    that’s what i’ve been doing. If i see, hear, or read something and i know its not true then i don’t pay attention to it.

  2. here for justin and selena

    I’m ignoring the rumors and focusing on the truth justin not mad at you anymore I always am here.

  3. ivan

    There are many stories about him, Selena, and others going around that are not true. Gossip sites make up stories so people would go to their sites; they make money that way. Hollywoodlife makes up stories all the time for example. So don’t believe anything right away but wait to see if it’s confirmed by their people or named sources.

  4. ivan

    Examples of false reports this week are report he was going to perform in Egypt; that was a hoax. Another was that people in Atlanta did not want him there, another hoax. Then the report that there was a plea bargain in his arrest for DWI case, not true. Then there is the rumor he is always using sizzerp, a drink drug based on unnamed sources and his ex house keeper. Gossipcop stated in late 2013 that it’s not true. He may have tried it a couple of times causing the media to exaggerate and say he always drinks it.

  5. rb

    This Saturday March 1st, say Happy Birthday to Justin by viewing his song “Baby” 20 x on YouTube. 20 x>refresh every time please.


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