James Blunt backs Justin Bieber: ‘Paparazzi Aren’t Friendly’

James Blunt Justin Bieber Paparazzi

It ain’t easy being Bieber, at least according to British singer-songwriter James Blunt.

While in Toronto promoting his fourth studio album Moon Landing, he added a little perspective to the Justin Bieber’s multiple toubles that has grabbed international headlines.

The 39-year-old star said:

I think if I had cameramen following me around capturing the things that every 19 year old is doing, it would kind of f—- over the fun of being that age.

I’ve been in situations where paparazzi have chased me in cars. These guys aren’t friendly and they’re not asking to pose for a picture. They are hurling abuse at you because they want a response or incite a reaction, because it will get them a better picture. They’re not saying “Hey Blunt,” they’re saying whatever rhymes with Blunt.

It’s a strange world. We are the ones that read about him (Justin Bieber), and we buy the magazines and every time we do, another paparazzi goes and chases.

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