Judge Judy Criticized Justin Bieber (Video INTERVIEW)


In a recent interview with CBS Los Angeles, judge Judy talks about Justin Bieber’s recent legal troubles. The 71-year-old nails-tough judge had some typically strong words for Justin and criticized him for “making a fool out of himself”.

She tells CBS LA:

Being a celebrity is a gift. You could either treat it reverently or you could make a fool out of yourself. And he’s doing a very good job of making a fool out of himself.

I think it’s sad. And nobody’s going to remember that he was a marginal singer. But they’re going to remember a young kid who had a chance to have it all and who is blowing it by acting like a fool.

Watch interview: Paul Magers sits down with the queen of daytime television, Judge Judy.

  • Goldenbrownnugget

    Poor beaver….i mean bieber

    • bieber4eva

      shut up a** hole

    • Justin bieber

      What are you even on this site? Your wasting your time if you don’t even like JB

  • nicki

    Whatever. Hate her. Always have something smart to say.

  • ivan

    She’s typical of those that don’t like him; a white middle or rich partly conservative or conservative who knows only what she reads in The New York Times or TMZ. She probably has not even heard BABY.

    • jack

      She’s typical? Ok buddy, I don’t think a very highly educated, 70 year old JUDGE is going to base her opinion based on tmz and the paper… and she doesn’t criticize his music, shes saying that his actions are going to lead him to be remembered in the wrong way. Example: Brittney Spears.

    • No just no

      Please don’t bring politics to this.

    • Maryn

      Judge Judy is as liberal as they come…

  • Tanisha


  • zari

    She really should shut up! I’m pretty sure she only read the bad things instead of the good just like all the other haters in the world.

  • Belieber

    she should shut up!

    • Aulani

      What does she know. She knows nothing about justin. What a bitch.

  • stringbiebs

    Her job is to judge a jury, not a celebrity. Justin has been behaving very well after his arrest. Nothing “crazy” going on. She probably doesn’t even listen to his music, why is it any of her business what he does or what he makes of himself. He’s not the only one who went on a kind of rebellious stage and they are perfectly fine now. People are judging what he will become too early, I mean he is only almost 20 he has 80 more years ahead of him. People shouldn’t act like they know the future of someone because of a few crazy antics. Give him a few years more to decide what he will become. He’s a good person who has been caught doing some pretty bad things and stuck in strange predicaments, it doesn’t prove the person he is or will be. He should be back on his feet in no time, he’s a strong and brave person. I believe he’ll do alright.

  • Fangirl Tia

    Wow you guys are horrible. Way to learn to at least respect your elders. I came from a nice christian home and your parents raised you right……

  • ivan

    Stringbiebs is right; we should not assume every bad thing reported is true [two were proven false this week] or that he is not a good person who makes mistakes as everyone else does.

  • hannah bieber

    hes not making a fool out of himself hes just not thinking right.he mest up alot in his life and hes just trying to fix it.hes young hes learning from his mistakes . hes been acting good after the arrest so hes getting there.she just needs to shut up and give him a chance just like everybody else .hes still young. i mean i mest up alot and im barely 14 but im doing good right now . if people could just give him a chance other than judging and critizing him he just might change. hes growing up. hes getting out of his teen ages and is learning how to be an adult

  • rb

    Elders give guidance of years of wisdom and not criticized their opinions too the world. She could have easily called Justin for a one on one talk. Anyway, I thought she was dead!

  • here for justin and selena

    Don’t judge by the cover of a book she should know that and have more respect for justin!!! Gosh why does everyone have to be so cruel????

    • Lovinjb


  • Ana

    I agree with her. Totally! No I’m not a hater.

  • biebs fan

    He z a stupid brat who knows nothing than fucking prostitutes lyk chantel no hate bt a great woman cant post the half naked photos she posts online, post pictures of herself smoking on fb birds of the same feather flock together #CRIMINALS #tired on defending him


    Judy ! Move to North Korea !

  • beliebernumber1

    He is only 20, not 70. why he should worry about how people will remember him ? Better advice is to get him rid of talentless wannabes and parasites that surround him . Somebody in his camp should grow up a pair and do it already. Until its done , he will keep getting into trouble.

  • Mc

    FYI he is not making himself as a fool,,he is growing up and is experancing the real world,not the world he once used to live in..these thing or mistakes can be his lesson to learn and move on…it is normall he can still be better once he learns form these mistakes he is making.

    • LL

      But not every 20 year old do the dumb things he does. quit making excuses and that this is a normal thing to do just because he was 20. When i was 20 i didn’t pee in the bucket and be an obnoxious prick to others. I had respect for other people and their things. You can experience life and still be respectful!

  • rb

    OK, we need to break the YouTube record for the most viewed…Can we do it? Let’s go them!!

  • rb

    Say Happy Birthday to Justin by viewing his song “Baby” 20 x on YouTube. 20 x>refresh every time please.

  • rb

    This Saturday March 1st, say Happy Birthday to Justin by viewing his song “Baby” 20 x on YouTube. 20 x>refresh every time please.

  • Yu lee

    The so-called “Judge” Judy is a self centred ego maniac, quick to judge without any thought! You could see her on TV constantly bashing her hammer over the Poor. In stark contrast Justin is always doing charity for the poor!