Justin Bieber Attending Maxim ‘Big Game Weekend’ Super Bowl Party NYC

Justin Bieber at Maxim Big Game Weekend Super Bowl Party

Justin Bieber attending Maxim’s “Big Game Weekend” Super Bowl Party in New York City last night January 31, 2014.

Justin Bieber Maxim Superbowl Party

The event was sponsored by AQUAhydrate, Heavenly Resorts, Wonderful Pistachios, Patron Tequila & Touch by Alyssa Milano.

Flip the bird

Justin flips off the photographer.


    I really hope this ended well

  • ivan

    Justin donated money for disaster relief in NYC, NJ, and Conn when the hurricane struck; he is treated with disrespect in return. Perhaps next time he could donate it elsewhere.

  • Belieber

    He looks so cute in that pictures♥ I hope he had a good time

  • ivone

    He needs to be surrounded by positive influences. He is a target right now everyone wants to kick you when you are down. Where are his true friends?!?!

  • Kalani

    I love seeing him with his dad and all his boys.

  • hannah bieber

    awwww well im glad hes having fun.hopefully things will end well with him and court and stuff .your doing good Justin !!!!!!! keep it up

  • Kalani

    Tmz always lies and they need to be stung by bees or eaten alive by bears. Seriously

  • Kalani

    Justin was not happy to see the paps there. There stupid. He was flipping out l.

  • Sinthia

    Lol Justin stick his middle finger at TMZ.

  • Viola

    Did u c the one where he is sucking on the strippers nipples? :(

    • Sinthia

      On FaceBook Mmm Hmm.

    • Sinthia

      When that was today?

    • Sinthia

      I was like that is disgusting and disrespectful right in front his fans when I saw that.

      • Kalani

        Uh hello it’s probably photoshopped. Not real

      • Kalani

        Uh hello it’s probably fake.

  • Sinthia

    I hope they leave that damn boy alone he having a good time like everybody else.

  • Sinthia

    The way how Justin Bieber behaves himself is like he doesn’t know how his fans feel about him just like we don’t know how he feels it really sad and heart breaking.Unbelievable smh.

  • Diana.Garrido

    I hope he is ok

  • nicki

    Be Safe. Don’t get in trouble Justin, I don’t want anything happen to you.