Justin Bieber bodyguard Hugo Arrested After Allegedly Stealing Pap’s Camera in GA

Justin Bieber bodyguard hugo husny arrested

Justin Bieber’s bodyguard Hugo Hesny (32) was arrested after allegedly stealing a paparazzi’s camera Tuesday (Feb25) in Sandy Springs, GA, reports Atlanta11 & CNN News.

Via Atlanta11 & CNN:

Justin Bieber had rented out the Sandy Springs Funhouse Arcade on Roswell Road. A bodyguard, identified as 32-yar-old Hugo Hesny, warned a paparazzi that he was too close to Bieber.

A confrontation ensued and the pap, 38-year-old Jason Winslow, tried to leave. The bodyguard caught up to him, grabbed his camera and put in an Escalade. The bodyguard told the driver, 49-year-old Terrance Johnson, to return to the place where Justin is staying.

As the Escalade was pulling into the home, a Sandy Spring police officer stopped it and recovered the camera. Hugo Hesny was arrested and charged with felony entering auto. His bond was set at $15,000.

The camera was valued at $10,000.

Justin was not part of the incident.

When contacted by CNN, Justin’s rep declined to comment.

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