‘Justin Bieber Brain Damage’ – Too Much!

Justin Bieber Brain Damage

We know he’s done a quite few mistakes lately, but saying he’s having “Brain damage” is just too much.

via National Enquirer tabloid:

In a bombshell exclusive, The ENQUIRER reveals that out-of-control pop punk JUSTIN BEIBER has a potentially deadly habit that may have already caused brain damage!

The 19-year-old singer made headlines around the world when he was busted for drag racing on a residential Miami Beach street on Jan. 23 and told cops he’d been boozing, smoking pot and taking anti-depressants.

Bieber also reportedly indulges in a dangerous homemade drug cocktail “sizzurp”. Rehab specialist Dr. Damon Raskin, who has not treated the popped star, compared the deadly mix to heroin and oxycodone and said “can cause brain damage and even death.”

A former housekeeper for the “Baby” singer Tatiana Voziouk, told the UK tab “Sunday People” that Bieber kept the ingredients for the drug cocktail in his $10 million mansion in Calabassas, Calif., and another source says the star even kept a “sippy cup” with the mixture by his bed.

“Justin needs to be put in a psychiatric ward or lockdown rehab facility,” said a pal. “It’s worse than anyone knows. He needs help – and he needs it now!”

It’s a sad tale of yet another young celebrity barreling along a path of self-destruction, and The ENQUIRER has all the details. To read more about Bieber’s outrageous behavior, his homemade drug cocktail and why one of his fellow Canadians wants to ship him off to North Korea, be sure to pick up our latest issue – on newsstands now!

42 thoughts on “‘Justin Bieber Brain Damage’ – Too Much!

  1. Kalani

    If it was my friend. I would not be friends with them anymore. I would end my friendship with anyone who talks to the media.


      i agree with you jessica i wanna cry to but we are believers and we just need to pary for justin because he ment get worse and iam soooooooo sad rigt now that iam just crying right now i LOVE YOU JB

      1. NIYO BIEBER

        i agreee wid all of u totally

  2. stringbiebs

    He doesn’t have brain damage, this article is stupid. Eminem has done plenty of drugs back in the day and he isn’t brain damaged, a bit insane (lol) but that defiantly is not what Justin is.

  3. ivan

    The tabloids think they won’t be sued so they post anything they want on Justin. The Enquirer has published false stories before exposed by gossipcop site. This woman was fired and is exaggerating on Justin to win her case against him for being fired. If you see him during the time she worked for him [he was on tour much of the time] he did not look like a zombie; he looked fine. If there were drugs in the house like zirzzurp; it does not mean he took them. Maybe he did try it once or twice as guys may do when a friend tells them to try this or that. Remember a lot of guys and girls were there and Twist threw a lot of those parties.

  4. biebs

    Soo Sad .. I Hope Justin stops he has a God given talent to sing and he’s throwing it all away with stupid crap like this ..I know Justin is waaay better than that stuff . Please stop Justin …

  5. lambor500S

    The only way all this gossip and lies
    Will slow down is that
    Justin needs to get with his lawyers and start suing the hell out of these websites and magazine companys that’s constantly putting out rumors and lies.

  6. Bieberlover297

    But what id he reallt does have brain damage you guys?? this really worries me a lot. I love him so much….what if he does have brain damage..to every lie there is some part that is true and that may be it….im scared for him. I love you Justin so much!!! if any of this drug stuff is real, then we should all be supporting him, even if it is a lie, we all need to support him!! BIELIEBER POWER!!!

  7. Vanessa

    He keeps getting into trouble and all we hear is stuff from the media. I don’t know about you but I want to hear from justin

    1. Emily loves biebz

      c’mon you guys, it seems like you are both beliebers and although you might not agree with what Belieber_girl has to say, just remember that we are all family and that if another belieber says something bad about justin, try to use nice words and remind her how much justin loves her. <3

  8. Azaria

    It’s the National Enquirer, which is basically just a magazine of fake shit. Though if he is partaking in this “sizzurup” or whatever, he should stop that. Weed is one thing, but if he’s mixing stuff that is deadly and CAN cause brain damage. I doubt he’s done any damage to himself now, he’d have to booze and drug up all day and night to have caused brain damage.

  9. sofie

    just simply wondering why so many people suddenly after his arrest begin to say such bad things about him. I ‘m very doubtful that he’s taking that much of drugs. I mean if he really did those who are closesest to him would have noticed something a very long time ago. I’m thinking about that his mom pattie is very experienced when it comes to drugs and stuff. she’d probbably be the first person to put a stop to it since she is his mom. I don’t Believe in these stupid stories at all. I mean why would he have a braindamage?

  10. eman

    ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh thattttssss faaakee as f*** just stoop ittt and all the girls that says they wanna cry that is stubidd justin ok and this isss fakeeeeeeeee the mediaa trying to bring justin down -_-


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