Justin Bieber Chased by Fans – Entering Hotel via Garage NYC (VIDEO)

Justin Bieber Mobbed by Fans Skateboarding Hotel in NYC 2

Justin Bieber mobbed by fans – entering the garage of his hotel on his skateboard in New York City last (Feb1).

Screen Shot 2014-02-02 at 5.47.01 PM

Watch video below:

  1. If I was their I will get tumble up around those girls going nuts is like he not going to stay still if you wanna take picture with him.

  2. He was on his skateboard :)) nice, well we are overboard and we of course would wanna do anything to meet him, get a chance to have pic and hug hum, but we should remember that he is claustrophobic so remember!! :))

  3. Not poor Justin ! He s underaged to go to the parties of the Superbowl. He was rejected from 3 parties for that reason. He should celebrate the Superbowl like a 19 years old with friends and family at home. He wants more and more and more what ? Girls ? Fame hanging around fame ? Not a Small Town Kid Anymore for sure ! I know it’s tempting but nobody can stop him and THAT IS THE REAL PROBLEM. Ain’t going to end well. I fear for him sometimes.

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