Justin Bieber, Christian & Caitlin Beadles – Valentine’s Day

Justin Bieber caitlin beadles

Justin Bieber celebrated Valentine’s day last weekend with his mom, Pattie Mallette and the Beadles family; Christian, Caitlin and the Beadles parents.

Beadles mom, Sandi Beadles posted pic via Instagram:

@mamabswag: Best Valentines Day❤️ Always Be strong in The Lord #family #bond #God #love

  1. Cool that their spending time together and that they had fun I’m glad that Justin and his mom are happy I love you Justin so so so much

  2. A picture tells a story! I think Pattie would like to see Justin date Caitlin and perhaps marry her. It’s been rumored that Caitlin has never dated anyone after Justin.

  3. Justin will be coming out with new music soon and will start touring again. He will need a strong woman by his side. I think Caitlin can be that woman; he just needs to get over his prior EX.

  4. awww im glad Justin had fun and spent it with good people instead of partying and drinking <3 I wonder if he got any gifts lol

  5. Him and Christian are both acting cool lol so cute. JUSTIN IS NOT GOING TO GET BACK WITH CAITLIN! Lol, that was YEARS ago I’m a Jaitlin shipper myself but it ain’t gonna happen.

  6. If something wasn’t brewing up, then why both families are together on Valentine’s Day, also Pattie Mallette is shadowing Caitlin as if she is giving her seal of approval.

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