Justin Bieber Doing Pushup in Miami Cell (VIDEO)

Justin Bieber Pushup in Jail

The Miami-Dade County police released another video of Justin in jailhouse. The footage video was released to media outlets including TMZ, shows Justin in his cell – doing exercise PUSH UP!

  1. I’m a grandma of 8. I love Justin, and more importantly his music. For the life of me I do not understand why the media (TMZ) are so adamant about trying to destroy this incredibly talented young man! Why did the Miami police release these videos of him? WHY? I don’t see them do this with other much worse celebrities! It only reinforces my caring for Justin. He is being victimizes at a level I have never seen before. He is a young man, he has done some questionable things, and made some errors in judgment for sure, but all young men have done so, and I am sure he will make some more. BUT, they hound him, like an animal! He can’t go anywhere that he isn’t taunted by the paparazzi and pushed into reacting. Other celebrities have made the same comments. I feel so badly for him. I care about his welfare. He doesn’t smile like before, which is such a shame to be destroyed like this. His birthday is in 2 days! HAPPY 20TH BIRTHDAY JUSTIN. I may be older but I am so proud to call myself a BELIEBER!!

  2. Justin, just stay focus on your music, photoshoots etc; the hell with this Bull****. I wish you much success on everything you are involved in whether it’s music, helpiing kids etc; Your quote: continue to meet hate with love. Because, the media has some serious issues going on with messing with celebrities. Maybe, one day a law will be enforced on how far the media can harass celebrities before they can be sued or charges brought against them.
    Much love!

  3. He’s doing push ups, oh my! It shows he’s out of control, drunk, drugged up, in need of jail time! Are you kidding? This video shows he’s in great shape and not dying from drug use as the media makes it appear especially TMZ in their latest stupid article. TMZ has been wrong twice in one week; should we believe everything they say?

  4. What’s the point of releasing the video?! And why are they even releasing these videos?!The haters in society are so F****d up .Its not even funny! :|

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