Justin Bieber & Ex Bodyguard Moshe Settled Legal Dispute – Assault Case Dismissed!

Justin Bieber and Bodyguard Moshe

Justin Bieber has settled a legal dispute with a former bodyguard Moshu Benabou — who had accused Justin of attacking him backstage at a concert — and sued him for $420,000.

Moshe Benabou filed a lawsuit in Los Angeles County Superior Court in January 2013 accusing Justin of hitting him during a “tirade” in October 2012. And The lawsuit said:

The tirade was apparently triggered by what Justin Bieber perceived as an attempt by Moshe Benabou to keep one member of Mr. Bieber’s entourage physically away from Justin Bieber. As part of this tirade, Justin Bieber repeatedly punched Moshe Benabou in the chest and upper body area. Mr. Benabou did not retaliate or attempt to protect himself out of his concerns for Justin Bieber’s physical well-being.

The lawsuit could have gone to trial in Los Angeles later this month if it had not been settled.

Justin’s lawyer Howard Weitzman told CNN Monday (Feb 3, 2014):

The matter has been resolved to the satisfaction of both parties, and the case has been dismissed.

  • Kalani

    That’s good. Justin is a good guy.

  • Kalani

    I’m glad justin can put it behind him. And just let it float his boat.

  • Kalani

    I really hope justin doesn’t really talk about it. The stalkerazzi don’t ask him.

  • Kalani

    Justin is just a good guy.

  • Kalani

    Justin and Moshe probably had other issues to.

  • Kalani

    No one really know what really happen between them.

    • Justin heart Bieber

      Because Moshe was 2 busy acting like a bitch

      • Kalani

        He probably had other reasons. I just hope justin and Moshe stay on neutral ground.

  • Kalani

    I really hope justin has his closes friends that don’t spill his secrets .

  • hannah bieber

    well im glad it was dismissed. that happened like 2 years ago !!!!!!!!!!

  • Mariah Bieber

    Justin Bieber’s a good guy.Honestly i think he’s just living life as a teenage and YOLO right!Everyone makes mistakes.He’s a human he has to make mistakes too and people act like he’s the worst person ever when honestly he’s a really good guy in the heart.I believe Justin will make the right turn and i’m just gonna wait until it comes.I know he will tho i’ll never stop believing in him.He’s always gonna have me here right next to him.I’ll never leave him alone in the dark i understand why he’s doing it he’s a teen of course every teen does some wrong choices here and there i mean my cousin did the exact same thing and he’s become a handsome father of 2 kids and he loves his job.He’s a lawyer.So all the haters need to stfu and just wait for the time to come when Justin becomes more grown because he’s still a baby well my baby and i’m gonna respect him and give him time. #Belieber4life

  • Sinthia

    Looks like it really happen Because I don’t see Moshe as Justin body guard no more.All I hear that Justin gave Moshe to hold on to his sun glasses while he performing on stage then this girl she a fan asking Moshe if she could have it so Moshe gave her the sun glasses but I don’t if it was that it must be about something else.

  • Sinthia

    I wounder what become of Kenny Hamilton that used to be JB body guard I don’t see him any more.He probably working on something else to do.


    Moshe is good actor but a play is poor !

  • nicki

    I’m happy it was dismissed.

  • Tanisha

    Moshe is a liar anways soo yea of course it got dismissed

  • BestofJDBieber

    I wondered how much the settlement was or how much Justin had to pay Moshe to settle outside court.
    “The lawsuit could have gone to trial in Los Angeles later this month if it had not been settled.”

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    Interesting and informative. But will you write about this one more? I can’t quite remember what he was selling.