Justin Bieber ‘Gay Kiss’ Photo is REAL, but NOT Him!

Justin Bieber Gay Kiss

Justin has been the victim of an internet hoax misunderstanding again.

A picture of a boy who looked strikingly like Justin Bieber surfaced which appeared to show him kissing another boy. The image soon went VIRAL with beliebers wondering if Justin had partaken in some boy-on-boy action.

However, it was soon PROVED that the image was actually a very good lookalike of Justin, called Rob Miller in a photo he posted back in August of him and his boyfriend.

Rob miller kissing

This photo isn’t even a Photoshop job — it just straight up isn’t Justin. In fact, Rob Miller has been debunking rumors since December, when sites and Twitter users began attributing the picture to Justin to try to drum up suspicion surrounding his sexuality.

Justin Bieber gay kissing couple

Rob Miller and his boyfriend PDA

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