Justin Bieber ‘Gay Kiss’ Photo is REAL, but NOT Him!

Justin Bieber Gay Kiss

Justin has been the victim of an internet hoax misunderstanding again.

A picture of a boy who looked strikingly like Justin Bieber surfaced which appeared to show him kissing another boy. The image soon went VIRAL with beliebers wondering if Justin had partaken in some boy-on-boy action.

However, it was soon PROVED that the image was actually a very good lookalike of Justin, called Rob Miller in a photo he posted back in August of him and his boyfriend.

Rob miller kissing

This photo isn’t even a Photoshop job — it just straight up isn’t Justin. In fact, Rob Miller has been debunking rumors since December, when sites and Twitter users began attributing the picture to Justin to try to drum up suspicion surrounding his sexuality.

Justin Bieber gay kissing couple

Rob Miller and his boyfriend PDA

  1. Dude rob miller or stupid job does not have that pierced ear on the top of his ear and or 2 pimplws on or face job does not have them and or face is to flat to be jb s face so think before u make belibers mad and u don’t know how they get u just made the biggest mistake of or life

      • Look guys just because you see Justin kissing a boy it doesn’t mean anything that’s part of life so do me a favor stop complaining of his business a worry about your own things and go on

    • Wait, so a guy who resembles JB posting a picture of him kissing his boyfriend is the biggest mistake of his life? This Miller guy has been trying to tell people it it NOT Justin for a while now. He’s trying to STOP the rumors. Jeez can you learn to read?

  2. Justin at5:00 I am going to Eillot Lake
    And I want to say I Love you &i miss you and I am coming back on Monday and Tuesday is school
    But on Tuesday @5:30 at dinner call me when I ‘m talking to my friend Allen & buzz my number ok. I Love you oxoxo

  3. I think that the pic of Rob picking up his boyfriend like that is weird, I thought only guys did that with their girlfriends? But I guess not…

  4. Some believed that was Justin; how stupid can people get? One look at his arm without Justin’s tattoos would tell them it’s not him

  5. well, if you guys know justin even its only from photos, you can easily recognize that pic that it clearly wasn’t him. he doesn’t have 2 piercings on both of his ears, only one on each. and if he wore tank top, def his tattoo will show up, and simply just take a look from the hair, justin hair isn’t that short.

  6. Na that is not him Cause yeah like @ cah say he don’t have piercing at the top left side of his ear that’s a girly thing and please do not called him gay for one of those boys out their they know is fake an they still going to be calling Justin gay this picture that im looking at that is gay.

  7. Wow .. its so relief , if its not true …

    I cant imagine if someday thats become reality .. oh my gosh.. I wish justin goy new girl friends as soon as possible .. so yhis rumors will never appear anymore .
    I love justin

  8. Of course it’s not Justin you stupid idiots! This a-hole ain’t got no tattoos! Justin don’t got a piercing in the top of his ear either! That’s so a girl thing. I almost got a heartattack when I saw this shit.

    • Quit being a homophobe!! Justin Bieber isn’t a homophobe either.. So what is your excuse.. We all know that isn’t Justin at all. But that is still no excuse to be ignorant!

    • Lambor500s Shut the f up! You would never even have a chance with Justin, so if there was even the chance that he was gay, it shouldn’t matter. You obviously fell in love with Justin because of his talent, not who he chooses to become in life. Obviously it is not a photo of him, but if you truly loved him you would SUPPORT EVERYTHING about him

  9. awww I think gay couples are cute <3 lol but yea obviously its not Justin cuzz he has no tattoos or peircings.man people need to get their facts straight.everyone knows Justin isn't gay ..well at least beliebers know

  10. Aww, my hopes and dreams that he was just the slightest bit gay are shattered, lol (I know he isn’t)! That being said, I wouldn’t cry if he ever found out that he truly was.

    It’s good that he cleared this up, though; best of luck to Rob and his boyfriend! They look wonderful together. :)

    I still love you, Justin, haha!

  11. Duh .. a lot of people always makes a fuckin bulshit things .. to let Justin down.
    but it will never happen.. cuz justin is a perfection …

    Love him much…

  12. not that i’d have a problem with justin being gay at all but justin doesn’t have his left cartlidge pierced so it can’t be him…

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