Justin Bieber Helps Promote Khalil’s New Song “Bands Up”. Listen the track + Lyrics!

Justin Bieber Khalil Bands up

Justin’s BFF Khalil releases new song called “Bands up”. The track is included in DJ Tay James’s Mixtape “We Know The Dj Radio Vol.4″

Listen “Bands UP” below:
NOTE: the song contain profanity.

@khalil: Go download “Bands Up” Khalil Ft Birdman right now!!! Word to my bro bizzle

Justin & Khalil’s message:

  • Turkey2turkey

    Sounds good

  • Belieber

    I like the song

  • rb

    This Saturday March 1st, say Happy Birthday to Justin by viewing his song “Baby” 20 x on YouTube. 20 x>refresh every time please.

  • zari

    I like it! And did you know Lil Za and Lil Twist are half brothers dame mom different dads .weird?! I know!

    • Belieber

      yeah. I knew they were related

  • lambor500S

    Great job! Khalil

    Sounds good

  • nicki

    #Good Job Khalil.
    #That sounds Awesome.

  • skeptical

    how did he get signed/discovered? does anyone know?

  • He got

    Discovered by being one of justin biebers b****. Holds the drugs for bieber so he can’t go to jail. In trade bieber let him make this awful song and made him his “artist”

    • Chaarm

      He’s been making music before he even knew Justin so..

  • hannah bieber

    in my opinion its not that good… it would’ve been better if Justin was on it and @he got stfu no one asked for your opinion just get out. we have enough haters we have to deal with -.-

    • rachel

      Justin bieber can you come to onatrio chile?

  • Srihari

    it’s 1march in India. so happy birthday Jb. இனிய பிறந்தநாள் வாழ்த்துகள் ……

    • rachel

      it’s march 1st in india so happy birthday Justin bieber you need to grow up.

  • J

    Open your ears it sounds terrible.

    • ALee

      Ya it wasn’t really all that good it was ok

  • rachel

    open your ears it sounds terrible.