Justin Bieber & his Bros Partying – Valentine’s Night (Feb 14)

justin bieber partying in Atlanta

Justin out partying with BFF Khalil, rapper Mack Maine and more friends.

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  • Kalani

    I knew Justin was going to spend it with his boys and friends.

  • Kalani

    I figured Justin wasn’t going to spend it with Selena.

  • Kalani

    I don’t see his other boys with him. Or his good friend Alfredo Flores

  • Kalani

    I knew Justin wouldn’t have any girls with him. But his boys.

    • justineee

      It’s not like justin is a ‘good boy’ anymore. wake up Kalani, he was probably at a club which means he more than likely got laid. he spent plenty of time with girls that night

      • Kalani

        Yeah I bet it’s lies and rumors.

      • Kalani

        How would you know if got laid or not. Justin isn’t that kind of guy to ditch and dash after the deed.

  • Kalani

    I wonder where his other boys are like Kyle And his other friends

  • Kalani

    I usually see Justin with his siblings. Or Justin cuddling up to his sister. She’s Adorable

  • Kalani

    I hope Justin’s bday is ruining by the stalkrazzi.

  • nandra

    What do you mean ? About stalkrazzi ruinning justin bday ..??

    • Kalani

      Uh last year the stalkrazzi ruined it .

    • Kalani

      Uh last year they ruined it for everyone. Hope in a few weeks Justin keeps his bday private and no ugly dogs.(stalkrazzi) or snakes.

    • Kalani

      I hope the paps gets eaten by bears or stung by bees.

  • nandra

    Of course Justin would spent time with his boys .. cuz he has no GF right know .. but I wondering where is his closes bff ..

  • Belieber

    I know he was going to send it with his friends. were is alfedo? I don’t see him hanging out with him anymore

    • Kalani

      I know right. Or his other friends Ryan Butler, shaz somers. Alfredo Flores. It’s rare to see Justin not hanging out with Alfredo

  • kat


  • hannah bieber

    awww well im glad hes having fun

  • belieber

    I love that pose #hella cute

  • lambor500S

    justin, just remember you do not have to prove anything to anybody you are a very talented person and everyone knows it. Be careful and be safe.
    Much Love!

  • nandra

    Perhaps , Alfredo, Chaz and Ryan busy or busy with their girlfriends ,, duh ..

    But justin still has a few more friends who will accompany him .. all the time ..

    • Kalani

      Uh hello I meant there usually with Justin in the pictures. Wonder what they say about Justin’s antics

  • hannrawr

    Justin always being shirtless is the highlight of my night :)!

  • nicki

    Please be safe Bizzle* LOL* Have fun too*

  • Birk

    I for one am not that impressed with this latest “crew” from Atlanta he is hanging with. The Atlanta hip hop scene is much more hardcore than L.A. and so are the people he is now running with. This may be more bad news for Justin, and I wish he would just get away from that entire hip hop scene for his own sake. Last thing Justin needs is to get involved with the insane Atlanta hip hop music scene.. Has no one here ever seen the reality t.v show Love & Hip Hop Atlanta?

  • amyheart

    hes fine fake belieber

    • Kris fondnazio

      I wanna flip off that ass who is giving the finger f uckin bsck at ur ass

    • Kris fondnazio

      Someone better not be complaining about my ass on here if they are their assets will be sorry

  • biggest belieber ever

    BTW that email ainr mine and u look a bit dozy but I don’t care. Really want to meet Justin bieber my favorite in the whole wide world. Love u Justin.

    • Kris fondnazio

      Are u talkin shit about me

    • Kris fondnazio

      My ass

    • Kris fondnazio

      Doxy my ass

  • biggest belieber ever

    BTW that email ainr mine and u look a bit dozy but I don’t care. Really want to meet Justin bieber my favorite in the whole wide world. Love u Justin. Also If u ever do a performance at a school come to green bank high. Southport. Not saying who I am tho. And its for my sis anyway.

  • munas

    Hope he had fun

  • Khalil

    youre so white babe lol

  • keannabieber

    hey bieber fifer fans do you think that justin bieber is gay because every body think he kiss a boy is that true or false

  • selena is my smile

    No it’s false, justin is not gay STOP HATING.

  • meriya

    JUSTIN i knew u would take your shirt off since your so HOT!

  • Girlfriend from Ontario

    Justin you are Hot with no shirt I Love it &you I Love you boyfriend oxoxo

  • Hanna Hicks

    I knew he was going to be with his boys on v-day.