Justin Bieber Looking at an $11 Million Mansion in Atlanta

Justin Bieber Atlanta House

Justin Bieber may purchase a mansion in the southern city, Atlanta very soon.

According to TMZ, Justin has his eye on one home in particular — a 16,000 square foot mansion that is listed for $10.95 million. The big house has 7 beds, 13 bathrooms, 2 story living room, 70 foot pool/spa, gym, elevator and more features.

While we don’t know for sure if he’s going to buy this house, he has definitely been spending time in Atlanta recently. Justin’s reportedly looking to buy the house ASAP.

Justin tweeted recently: “Back in my second home. Good to be back. Focused on building up positive energy.”

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Home description via Zillow:

For Sale: $10,950,000
Bedrooms:7 beds
Bathrooms:13 baths
Single Family:16,000 sq ft
Lot:1 acres
Year Built:2009

Custom new residence in Tuxedo Park, perfect for the sophisticated buyer that wants extraordinary attention to detail. This residence is the Ferrari of luxury real estate in Atlanta. Hand cut stone exterior with slate roof system. Interior has light filled rooms 2 story living room & outdoor loggia. Energy efficient geothermal HVAC systems, Crestron, 70 foot pool/spa, gym, elevator. Terrace level has screening room with the latest McIntosh audio equipment. Flat, grassy back yard beyond the pool. Separate suite over garages for bedrooms/guest house. The best new custom home in Atlanta. Mature exterior landscape surrounds 45′ heated pool and spa bath, outdoor Viking kitchen with fireplace.
What I love about the homeGeothermal heating and cooling Crestron Enabled Screening Room with McIntosh equipment Gym with Sauna 70 foot infinity edge pool Extreme level of attention to detail – Like no other New Construction.

  1. whoa that’s a pretty big house.i wonder if its just him by himself or if hes having people move in with him .I wish I had a house like that

  2. Amazing home, but it is on a busy road with zero privacy from either side and neighbors are an arms length away. Only 1 acre. Not sure that will do it…..

    • What are tabloids going to say about him this time. Justin fired his best friend Alfredo. Because he caught Alfredo and Selena in bed together. From what sources told tabloids. Justin was pissed and told him fck you Alfredo

  3. He should move to Atlanta, it’s where all his fame started. He needs to be there, this isn’t even a bad rumor, why are you upset? Lol

    • What’s next Reports say Justin and Selena were spotted together at a resturant in Encino. But Justin was on the phone with another girl sources say Justin was calling the girl on the other end babe keep my bed warm baby.

  4. Taxes in California are very high; if he moves to a place like Atlanta, he will be paying much less so he will have more money to spend. Also, paps won’t bother him there as they do in L.A. so for these and other reasons, it would be great for him to move out.
    However, let’s hope his 3 upcoming cases such as the egging do not ruin things for him; we will know by the end of march.

  5. One problem is pot laws there are strict worse than L.A. so he or his friends better be careful.But Justin is not addicted to drugs so he would be OK.

  6. Justin needs to hire someone to sell his house in calabassas and move everything to Atlanta and never go back to calabassas. he should leave all the people who live with him behind too. he is talking about buying another house in California also but he would be better to have an apartment there only. in Atlanta he can make a new start and stay out of trouble. he would be close to usher too which would be a big help I think. if he starts having big house parties again I fear he will get into more trouble. it’s not a stretch to go too far and end up in jail.

  7. He should leave California period; it’s too expensive living there; taxes are insane. But he has to quit smoking if he goes to Atlanta; they are more strict than most states when it comes to drugs including pot.

    • You act like he’s a regular everday citizen that has 9-5 jobs getting paid 12 bucks an hour ( or more). He is a CELEBRITY RICH AND FAMOUS. So yea he can afford to live in California i don’t think he cares about taxes or how expensive it is to live in Cali.

  8. What about the dui???? If justin moves I don’t know if this is true but it may result in him going to prison….. justin is out on bond YOU know……I surely don’t want anything to happen to justin at all I’d be crying if anything did when I heard about the retirement rumors I was almost to tears in the car listening to alaylm. I don’t ever want justin to get hurt.

  9. Wow .. thats hillarious house ..
    But , is this really true news ?
    Cuz u know, Tmz always make up story about Justin .. I hate that fuckin much ..

  10. idk why celebrities buy big houses what is so wrong with buying open land and getting a house built for you in the appropriate size

  11. Justin you should purchse that house you are leasing for 3 months. That house is so cool, different, exotic. It, kind of put you in mind of the house Ironman (Tony Stark) was living in in the movie. It, would be very good investment.
    Much Love!

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