Justin Bieber Moving to Atlanta – Stay away from Paparazzi, Report Says

Justin Bieber atlanta

Justin Bieber reportedly wants to buy a home in Atlanta – because he loves the city as it is the first place in the US he lived after moving to the country from Canada.

Justin has been in the city since last week and has been out partying with P. Diddy, T.I. and Rick Ross and has enjoyed every minute of his time there.

Atlanta was the first place Justin lived when he moved to the US from Canada to embark on his music career after he was signed up by manager Scooter Braun and he has fond memories of the place.

He also hopes he will attract less attention in Atlanta than he does in Los Angeles.

According to TMZ, Justin asked Diddy and T.I. for property advice and the best locations in the city.

Justin reportedly intends to start looking at properties in the next several weeks. However, he’s is not completely turning his back on Los Angeles County and has been looking at various 20 acre estates in Hidden Valley.

Via TMZ:

Bieber’s been hanging with southern staples T.I. and Rick Ross — and he’s already asked them about where to buy the nicest real estate in the city.

Added bonus — Atlanta isn’t the paparazzi hive that L.A. is … and Bieber has been enjoying the extra privacy … for now. (Of course, paps tend to go where the money is — and Bieber’s a walking bank.)

It also makes sense because we’re told Bieber is transitioning into hip hop — he’s Bizzle now.

This does NOT mean Bieber is abandoning L.A.

Justin currently has a home in Calabasas, California, but has encountered numerous problems with his neighbors and paparazzi.

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