Justin Bieber New Song ‘Broken’ Lyrics AUDIO

Justin Bieber Broken

Justin Bieber won’t be broken. Despite recent troubles, Justin remains resilient and he’s singing about it on a new song called “Broken” (featuring rapper Blake Kelly) – a new song off DJ Tay James’ mixtape We Know the DJ Radio 4. The tape also features recent songs from 2 Chainz, T.I., Nicki Minaj, and Drake.

Justin tweeted:

@justinbieber: I guess I’m an easy target for some. I’m still human. I will continue to meet hate with love. It’s all about the music. Much love. Thanks to all those beliebers out there inspiring me everyday

Listen “BROKEN” Audio:

Lyrics “BROKEN”:
I guess they want a reaction
But I ain’t gonna give it to ‘em
Yeah, they tryin’ to get at me
Yeah, I ain’t gonna read into it
Ooh, they’ve been persistent
Tryin’ break me down
Ooh, I cannot be broken
I cannot be broken
Ooh, I cannot be broken
I cannot be broken
They can’t take what’s mine
Someone like me is hard to find
Ooh, I cannot be broken
Like I knew you were hoping
Hoping it would change me
Hoping it would make me lose my mind
Way too strong for that
You know you were wrong for that
So keep on chasing that 458
As I cruise on the smooth highway
I ain’t even tryin’ get away
I’m good
(Try to break me) I cannot be broken
I cannot be broken
Ooh, I cannot be broken
I cannot be broken
They can’t take what’s mine
Someone like me is hard to find
Ooh, I cannot be broken

    • Fans like beliebers are hard to find too. Still praying that you’ll get off your addictions soon Justin. If no one can break you then they can’t break us either. NEVER! We’ll stay by you till your last breath.

  1. This one of the worst songs I’ve ever heard in my life. Plus there are a million other people just like “JB” who are a whole lot smarter. Congrats on your failing career.

  2. Veronica you are just a heater and a bitch i like the song it shows how he feels inside and justin can never be broken because we are his f believers i love you justin

  3. AWESOME lyrics. I am glad to hear that Justin won’t let get this hatred toward him get him down. I know Justin will survive all they throw at him and these lyrics prove it. They cannot break him; he is STRONG. GOD bless u Justin

  4. Justin I am so proud of you….. you are so strong YOU can push through you can be better you can find yourself!!!!! Keep your head up. I’m always rooting for you.

  5. Hey @veronica….get a life and stop writing bad stuff on a website specially designed to keep justin happy..honestly people like u…u must be ashamed..make 10 million in a week then u are forgiven..wait u dont have a special talent like justin so u have no right to pour negativity on him..stop being a bully and go look for something better to do..beliebers-much love keep supporting justin :))

  6. this song is amazing <3 it really shows that justin is strong enough for the haters. u hear that haters ?? no matter what u do or say to bring him down u wont bcuzz we jeliebers are unbreakable <3 KEEP IT UP JUSTIN.ALWAYS KEEP YOUR HEAD UP AND DONT LET THE NEGATIVITY BRING U DOWN .WE ARE UNBREAKABLE <3

  7. My first time and I must say I am very proud of all beliebers out there. U have really shown how much u are willing to defend an innocent boy from these vipers. Never leave his side and I know God will bless u for being there for him. Proud of you all.

  8. It must have been hard on u all, going through this with him but don’t allow any hater seperate u from justin. God will vindicate u and your heads will be lifted high for the haters to bow their heads in shame for humiliating a boy whose heart is so pure.

  9. OMB i love love love love it.
    No one can break him, he’s strong and yeah you will never find someone like him
    he’s an angel sent from above
    only beliebers will get it

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