Justin Bieber Now Officially on Tumblr

Justin Bieber tumblr


61 thoughts on “Justin Bieber Now Officially on Tumblr

    1. skeptical

      LOL Selena and Taylor Swift have papz following them around 24/7, but they don’t do stupid sh**. Calling Taylor Swift a bitch is also laughable since she is probably one of the more level-headed celebrities out there.

      1. Kalani

        Pls she might as well be into girls. I’m sure justin doesn’t wake up one morning and say okay I think I’ll robbed a bank or drag race through Calbassas. Or sleep with Catlin Russo.

      2. skeptical

        Kalani, I’m sorry to say this, but I really don’t understand the way you hold a conversation sometimes. I don’t really know how to respond. I’m sorry.. :/

        Vicki, I’m not 100% sure about Selena, but I know for a FACT that the paparazzi are ALWAYS following Taylor. If you don’t understand how big of a megastar Taylor Swift is, then you might be in dreamland as well.

  1. here for justin and selena

    Love the pic justin your growing up so fast I’m so EXITED for you to someday have your own family…. I’ll still be a belieber even if you so get married.

  2. here for justin and selena

    Oh my goodness already 20 next Saturday REALLY????? Wow no more teen years????? I’m so EXITED!!!!!!!!! From one time at age 15 to confident at almost 20 he grew up right in front of our eyes I’m so grateful that I even am a belieber and thankful to have this young man (justin) in my life it’s been an amazing journey with all the beliebers and of course justin I couldn’t be more happier # turn up the party!!!!!

  3. Joyce Senft

    As for Justin I undrestand how hard it has to be growing up in front of camera’s all the time.I have be a Believer since he was 11years old,I love his music. I really love Selena,hope they get back together, Don’t try to grown up so fast you’ll get old soon enough.love your youth

  4. stringbiebs

    Kalani. Sorry but you’re annoying af. You comment stuff that has nothing to what they’re talking about. You comment the same things, GO AWAY.

    1. Just STOP!

      omg I so agree with you @stringbiebs she just don’t have anything else to do i guess, just sitting all day commenting here. And her comment doesn’t even make sense anymore! Annoying!!

      1. Kalani

        @Just stop, like I care what you have to say. Seriously slither back where you came from moron. STFU. Don’t you ever tell me to quit comment on here. As they say freedom of speech. GTFO

      1. Kalani

        @biebs forever, GTFO, as they say freedom of speech you tool. IDGF what you say idiot. What are you going to follow me you idiot.

  5. skeptical


  6. Justin's girlfriend Samantha

    I miss bizzle and I can’t believe he is going to 20 on march1& Justin is my sexy boyfriend


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