Justin Bieber Offered Plea Deal in Miami Dui Case to Avoid Jail Time

Justin Bieber yellow lambo DUI

Justin has been offered a plea deal to avoid jail for driving under the influence (DUI), according to a report.

Justin was arrested in Miami (Jan23) on suspicion of DUI, driving on a suspended license and resisting arrest without violence and he subsequently pleaded not guilty to the charges.

Editors at TMZ report Justin has now been offered a deal that will allow him to avoid a jail sentence, but only if he agrees to submit to regular drug tests, complete 40 hours of community service and attend an alcohol education class.

Via TMZ:

Florida State Attorney has offered Justin a plea deal in his DUI/resisting arrest case. Prosecutors will DROP the DUI and resisting arrest charges, but in return Bieber must:

– Plead no contest to reckless driving
– Complete 40 hours of community service
– Attend an alcohol ed course
– Attend a “victim impact panel” (where relatives of DUI victims share their stories)
– Install an ignition interlock device for 3 months

It is not known if Justin plans to accept the reported plea deal.

  1. Please take this plea justin do what’s right and not wrong it’s the best for you sweetheart not that I know what’s best cause pattie is the only one who does this is a great deal it’ll keep you out of trouble.

  2. Pretty fair deal, hope he takes it, could be a LOT wors. He should thank his lucky stars he got this offer, reslly hope he learns from it.

  3. kalani why you comment all the time?? How old are you.. twelve? I guess you love justin but stop commenting all the time it’s ANNOYING! JEEZ

  4. I really think he think about taking this offer. Don’t worry Justin we’re (beliebers) always right behind you, waiting to catch you whenever you fall. God be with you Justin. I LOVE YOU!

  5. I think he should take it, it will be a whole lot easier then deal with legal issues. Even if he wasn’t drunk, a 0.014 is still showing he drank something.

  6. The Florida State Attorney should drop all the charges! He was stopped under false pretences, and then charged with other violations. He was under the alcohol limit, so why should he:
    • Attend and alcohol ed course
    • Attend a “victim impact panel” (where relatives of DUI victims share their stories)
    • Install an ignition interlock device? This device is for alcohol not marijuana or prescription medication.

  7. Dont say im not a belieber because i am… Justin I think you should take this, please, for your own safety. WE all love you, and we want you to take this for you! Please, Justin.

  8. These cops want to save face since they could lose in a trial for lying so they are trying to force him to make a bad deal. The police there are corrupt and there is much evidence for that.

  9. My opinion is I think Justin should take it. But if he want to he would. We just don’t want u to get in trouble again. We want u to be safe.

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