Justin Bieber Playing Ice Hockey at Marietta Ice Center, Atlanta (Feb4) – Pics

Justin Bieber Playing Ice hockey in Atlanta 10

Justin Bieber is back in metro Atlanta. Local residents spotted him at the Marietta Ice Center in east Cobb County Tuesday night (Feb4) and posted some photos of their chance encounter.

Justin Bieber Playing Ice hockey in Atlanta 14

Alex Ruggiero tells accessAtlanta:

There were only about 40 people there.

Two limos pulled up and Justin walked right out with his entourage. He skated a while and then said hey to a few of my friends. He was there for about an hour. Initially he was allowing people to take pictures of him but then he was like nah, and then got really annoyed at everyone and left.

Screen Shot

  1. I’m sure that he only got “annoyed” because he just wanted to skate without being bugged for pictures all the time. he probably just wanted to be treated as a normal teenage boy. But i still love him <3

  2. What an idiot. Skates around in those chains and weird pants. No wonder he couldn’t take a simple pass. I would of checked him into the boards!

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