Media Released Justin Bieber’s Sobriety Test VIDEO

Justin Bieber soberity test stumble

Media outlets & TMZ have released one more video of Justin Bieber (Wednesday FEB26) in jail following DUI arrest last month (JAN23).

The video shows Justin walking unsteadily during a sobriety test. In the clip, Justin wavers as he tries to walk heel to toe, then stumbles slightly as he turns and appears to have his arms out for balance.

via MiamiHerald:

The clip was one of more than 10 hours of footage, released by prosecutors as part of the criminal case against the Canadian bad-boy pop singer.

The video shows Bieber, in a black-hooded sweatshirt, wobbling a bit as he walks a white line as part of a sobriety test inside a detention area of Miami Beach police headquarters. Seated nearby, also in a hooded sweatershirt, appears to be Khalil Sharieff who was arrested along with Bieber last month.

Prosecutors released the videos, on nine CDs, to a line of reporters who paid $135 each for the evidence. The release of the videos came one day after Bieber’s defense team said it would not object to prosecutors releasing more than 10-plus hours of video footage — with the exception of five video clips that may show Bieber urinating at the Miami Beach police station.

According to TMZ, the video “may actually HELP Justin, cos it’s not THAT bad.”

The video was sought by the Associated Press and other media organizations under Florida’s public records law.

Justin’s attorneys persuaded Miami judge to withhold four clips showing Justin urinating in a cup for a drug test. Justin has pleaded NOT GUILTY to DUI.

On FEB6, media AP released the first surveillance video of Justin in the processing area taking off his sweatshirt, then patted down by officer.

  • here for justin and selena

    I didn’t see justin stumble but I did see him talking to the man there at the jail. He put his hands out to balance too.

    • Aulani

      They could have at least given justin privacy.

  • Belieber

    i dont get why they’re releasing the videos ugh. like wtf!

  • Belieber

    he was just holding his arm out for balance

  • zari

    He was holding his arm out for balance! Not stumbling!

  • Bizzle

    I was just performin’ fo’ da’ local goof troop. They didn’t appreciate my art.

  • stringbiebs

    He kind of swayed but in his defense, it’s hard to walk like that anyways. I don’t think he was drunk since he was pretty much on the line.

  • hannah bieber

    why cant people give that a rest already like omg give the poor guy a break.

  • here for justin and selena

    @bizzle that’s funny!!!!! Sounds like they don’t know when to stop. Lies LIES and more lies just like last year in 2013. I’m glad I don’t believe the media the only person I BELIEVE IN is justin. Being a belieber is one of the best feelings in the world….. speaking of Justin’s b-day coming up on Saturday I decided to write a new song telling him how I kinda felt last year about the things he did that I disagreed on and thought were wrong but justin does make mistakes and I do forgive him for them. I just wish justin would understand that it is hard to see him like this and that I care about him for that matter love him. I just wish that people would see the real justin and stop hating cause it makes me upset.even though I had my doubts about justin I still love him regardless. I wish Justin would see who he is. It really hurts a lot. I’ve had nights where I couldnt sleep because I’m afraid that I will loose justin to drugs and I don’t want him to die. It’s really getting to me that someday that will happen I really need justin it’s like I don’t know what to say about the behavior lately. I mean I know he’s not himself. Justin says that he feels like he’s pushing his beliebers away but the truth is he’s not his behavior is. This bad boy image I don’t know what is up with that I just feel like crying now because justin is lost I just want him to be able to recover and find his way back. And what happened in January it tore me apart was almost in tears seeing justin go to jail and understanding that he might get deported I’m so nervous. Seeing the people justin hangs out with now the people who actually pressured him because he is an impulsive person is getting to me too. I don’t understand who justin is becoming? Or where kidrauhl is? That comment that @bizzle just posted WOULD NEVER sound like justinat all. Really I know justin graduated high school in 2012 and I know he can spell not trying to be mean but, just saying. I’m impressed that justin made it pass high school really proud of him :) just thinking about it. Really proud of a lot of things justin has done I really admire him a lot hmmm I wonder who inspired me to become a songwriter? JB :) it makes more sense. If justin really knew how much I was concerned it would make me feel a lot better. I don’t feel like justin had to change to be cool or fit into a group I never wanted this bad boy image to happen anyway. All justin had to do was BE HIMSELF I loved seeing the smile but, now that I feel like justin not smiling anymore I feel like there is no hope. Still a belieber though.
    #justin is the best idol in the world I wish he would understand how much he means to me. I want justin to be healthy!!!! I want justin to be here for Pattie. Every day is just another blessing with justin in my life without him I don’t know what I’ll ever do.

    • Belieber

      yea I agree

      • Aulani

        The tabloids have to be the most dumbest people

  • here for justin and selena

    @bizzle not keeping justin from doing whatever he want I respect him.

  • Averie

    why would the media release videos like that? that’s just cruel and wrong! they released 1 and now this 1? wow! just wow! people should just stop talking about what happened. I know it was last month but that doesn’t mean the media has to release videos about it. They really shouldn’t do that. Do they really think that we want to see those videos? because i don’t. That’s because i’m trying so hard to forget that that happened to justin and i can’t forget about it when the media keeps talking about it. I wish they would stop.

  • skeptical

    lol after he gets his life back together, he should consider getting a stylist…or at least a better one than he has now. His shorts/capris/pants look like a really weird leather skirt.

  • ivan

    This stupid video shows nothing against him. i would like to see the cops walk in those sneakers perfectly without once wobbling if they were in the same situtuation.

    • M

      He wouldn’t be walking unsteady like that and wobbling if he wasn’t under the influence of something.

  • nicki

    I don’t understand why they are still releasing the videos. This is so old. And the good part is that he is not guilty. I knew Justin didn’t do this.

  • M

    He’s walking unsteady and wobbles a little bit at parts like at around 17 seconds if you look at the foot closest to the camera. I think he was under the influence.

  • M

    Plus the toxicology report confirms he was under the influence of weed and Xanax. He failed the test like.

  • M

    We all do stupid things, I’m not gonna condemn Justin, I have no right to. I just don’t like seeing his fans claiming he’s innocent and not accepting that he done something wrong.

  • Kayla

    I dont understand why its such a big deal! Get over it! DAMN!!!!!

    • Daffy Duck

      Will Justin Bieber Go to Jail?