Media Released Justin Bieber’s Sobriety Test VIDEO

Justin Bieber soberity test stumble

Media outlets & TMZ have released one more video of Justin Bieber (Wednesday FEB26) in jail following DUI arrest last month (JAN23).

The video shows Justin walking unsteadily during a sobriety test. In the clip, Justin wavers as he tries to walk heel to toe, then stumbles slightly as he turns and appears to have his arms out for balance.

via MiamiHerald:

The clip was one of more than 10 hours of footage, released by prosecutors as part of the criminal case against the Canadian bad-boy pop singer.

The video shows Bieber, in a black-hooded sweatshirt, wobbling a bit as he walks a white line as part of a sobriety test inside a detention area of Miami Beach police headquarters. Seated nearby, also in a hooded sweatershirt, appears to be Khalil Sharieff who was arrested along with Bieber last month.

Prosecutors released the videos, on nine CDs, to a line of reporters who paid $135 each for the evidence. The release of the videos came one day after Bieber’s defense team said it would not object to prosecutors releasing more than 10-plus hours of video footage — with the exception of five video clips that may show Bieber urinating at the Miami Beach police station.

According to TMZ, the video “may actually HELP Justin, cos it’s not THAT bad.”

The video was sought by the Associated Press and other media organizations under Florida’s public records law.

Justin’s attorneys persuaded Miami judge to withhold four clips showing Justin urinating in a cup for a drug test. Justin has pleaded NOT GUILTY to DUI.

On FEB6, media AP released the first surveillance video of Justin in the processing area taking off his sweatshirt, then patted down by officer.

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