Justin Bieber Sucking on Stripper’s Nipple [PIC], Your reaction?

Justin Bieber Sucking Stripper Nipples

TMZ has released a picture of Justin Bieber caught on camera sucking the breast of a female stripper with friend Khalil Sharieff.

The photo shows them both sucking on one breast each at a recent party.

According to TMZ, the stripper, who had fake breasts and a classy rainbow-colored Playboy tattoo, was hired to “perform” for Justin and his friends at an L.A. recording studio.

Via TMZ:

The stripper was hired to “perform” for Justin and his pals during a party at an L.A. recording studio.

During the festivities, Justin and Khalil decided to get a taste of the action … at the same time … with Justin taking a love-bite out of the left mammary for good measure.

Sources at the party say the stripper looked old enough to be Justin’s m0ther.


  1. Oh my that is just disgusting to be a celebrity Justin don’t know how to act in public.And it’s right in front his fans too.

  2. I can’t tell if it’s real or not, but it’s sad because we all know that is EXACTLY the kind of stupid/disrespectful thing Justin would do these days… so sad.. :(

    • What? Suck on a STRIPPER’S tit? It’s not like he just grabbed her and started biting. He’s grown enough to do stuff he wants. Leave him be. Stop makin’ it seem like he’s some damn perv.

  3. This is not fake , beliebers we need to know justin is not 16 years old , he changed , all bad justin this is true , i don’t know but I’m so angry from u .

  4. Now this is next to be talk about lord help this kid.I can’t be a believer how you guys could deal with al the things that he do and does is just will up set you.

  5. Justin i am so sorry but you are very disgusting…..burrrr… Je comprend que t’ai 19 ans mais comme même faut pas dépasser les borne j’ai l’impression que tu fait tout pour bouffer ta carrière ou faire du Buzz mais sa va servire a rien . Fan French

  6. Its not fake at all. This is a old photo that they took while in LA. They just covered up the ladies nipples beause it would be in appropriate to view

  7. Even IF this photo isn’t fake, he’s a 19 year old hanging around a stripper….. Oooooooo. Foreign concept. Never heard of that one before…. Seriously this kid farts and the entire world knows about it. Leave the kid alone!!!

  8. It’s not fake

    The picture was taken in L.A during a party. He hasnt been to L.A in 2014. He got the ear tatto in january 2014. This was taken in 2013, thats why there are no tatoo.

    About the birth marks an moles on is neck, i don know what the hell youre takig about. He doesnt have them.

    We all hate tmz, but let’s face it. Justin is 19. Not a little kid anymore. Stop being so surprised over the things that he does. I don’t like the fact that hes doing it. But i dont live in denial

    • That’s the same thing i said when i saw it -__-. If they are going to Photoshop a picture at least try to make it believable if you are going to make a big fuss and problem over absolute bull shit.

  9. Remember then picture of justin holding a joint awhile ago that tmz released that yall thought was fake? Well it was real wasnt it?

  10. I would never sleep with any of you fat, preteen, losers. My stripper is hotter than any you will ever be and she has delicious tits. Now I gotta go smoke pot and snort xanax.

    Justin ‘Bong Breath’ Bieber

    • @ justin bieber I don’t like you your not cool not cute and especially not attractive if you think that’s funny well it’s not and if you are the real justin bieber I don’t know who you are anymore you ate destroying yourself I kinda do agree with my idol you need help I think your blinded by love but, I think your not a good match for selena I don’t know why but, I do I’m more than angry with you I am more than done with you. You will never change will u?????? So glad selena made the choice to break up with u cause you are a player into drugs partying with other girls after promising my idol that she was the one and u would never leave her…… going to clubs I’m glad I’m not a belieber anymore being a selenator is better selena is a way better influence on me a way better role model to me I am absolutely glad that you are broken up…..

  11. That is just disgusting… I honestly don’t know why you Guys keep saying that it is fake. I mean look! We can’t deny it, Justin has changed and have become an embarrassment for him self. Celebrities mock him, haters hate him more now, even talk shows find him ridiculous. Stop definding him when y’all know that what he have done this past year, has been none other but unacceptable. It’s like you’re brainwashed or something or perhaps you don’t want to realise that he have become someone that was the complete opposite of him Yeats ago. It’s sad really. I used to be a fan…

  12. of course the naive little 12 year old girls are going to think this is fake because their precious PERFECT Justin Bieber can’t do no wrong because he is GOD!.

    WAKE UP!

  13. Even if they were trying to ruin his life, I still don’t understand why any person would want to be a fan knowing he does this kind of stuff behind the scenes. Its disgusting.

  14. We can all have denial and pretend to think this fake, but it’s your own choice. You can either think this is fake and have denial that this is real OR you think this is real and get your helpless heart broken and you have no one to go back to OR you stick the bad things he did in your head and leave him be. I am not saying that you should be a hater but you need to think this through, you either be played or you stop acting like a brainwashed person and look into reality. This isn’t a fantasy world that you expect him to be the prince charming ready to swoop you off the ground and you two live happily ever after. You built you feelings too high and you expected too much to even think that. And now is the time those feelings come crumbling down.
    I used to be like this but grow some senses and wise up!! I’m still a BELIEBER but not the love struck kind. I trust him to think through the things he is going to do. But if he keeps doing this i think i will be able to see a roller coaster that is about to crash and as the beliebers are the ones riding it way too long and end up trashed.
    Sure I had given him a lot of chances but we all know he won’t be marrying every belieber in the entire world.
    It is time to open your eyes and look around. We all know that everything doesn’t last forever but love does. There is always one exception, a loop hole, glimpse of hope, spark of light. And that is love, sure haters would say this is f***ked up some other bullsh*t about love and stuff. We all know that all of this stuff will end one day. You would have a family one day and be happy.
    I love him, I love Justin Bieber, But we all know it is a zero in a billion chances for me.
    If you actually have dedicated your life to him then do what you love support him, stay with him forever till his last breath. I would but all this negativity is driving me insane. My advise “Think POSITIVE.”

    For summing this up “Think this through, don’t think you don’t a social life, you have one everything takes time you just need to find the right people. Eventually we all grow up.”


    I still can’t believe this is coming from me a 13 year old that almost…….died.

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