Justin Bieber To Be Deposed Over Paparazzi Attack Case In Miami, Report Says

Justin Bieber Deposition

Justin Bieber is facing another legal setback. He will be deposed and questioned about a June 2013 incident in Miami when he allegedly instructed his bodyguard to attack photographer Jeffrey Binion and take his film card, according to PEOPLE.

Binion’s lawyers will also be allowed to ask about other related incidents in cities around the world involving Justin and the behavior of his various bodyguards. Justin’s lawyers reportedly had petitioned to block the deposition, but their request was denied, according to documents filed Feb. 11 in the Third District Court of Appeal for Miami.

A source close to the case tells PEOPLE:

Miami Judge Sarah Zabel initially denied Bieber’s requests to stop Binion’s lawyers from deposing him and asking questions about other incidents involving him and his varied bodyguards’ aggressive behavior.

Although Bieber’s lawyers appealed the judge’s rulings, the appeal was denied. Bieber can no longer hide. Binion’s lawyers are waiting for a deposition date to be set in Miami.

Justin’s L.A. attorney Howard Weitzman says:

The Binion lawsuit is totally without merit, as are the recent Miami DUI and Toronto assault cases where Justin has been wrongfully accused. These cases are all in the early stages of [legal procedure]. We choose to litigate them through the courts instead of the media.

Binion’s attorney Mark DiCowden had no comment.

Listen Binion’s 911 call on June 2013: During the call,he said that two black bodyguards assaulted him and one strangled him while trying to take his camera. He says the they threatened to smash the camera but instead stole the memory card, which was worth $100.

    • As well as every other celebrity’s ass in Hollywood but hey, you don’t see all of them complaining do you? Hell, most of them chit-chat. Justin’s JOB is to sing and dance. That dudes JOB is to take pics of famous people. Either way, they STOLE from the man and that is a CRIME. There’s no crime in taking photos of someone unless you’re stalking them and in that case, you need proof that that person has been on private property or your life is threatened and clearly, being out in public surrounded by bodyguards, neither was the case so the pap is 100% in the right and Biebs people were in the wrong.

      • no, the pap was not in the “right”

        they were acting with the “law”.

        ignorant people like you thinking everything the law allows is good. and everything it doesnt is bad.

        you will contribute to fu–g up another generation, and the overall hostility of this “advanced” species we call man.


    • ACTUALLY, no. It’s well within’ their legal limits to take photos of anyone as long as they are not threatening them or their way of life or endangering anybody. And if Justin fights back, he’s going to end up charged with a lot of assault cases because the man taking photos did nothing wrong. Annoying? Yes. Illegal? No. Worth having your crap stolen and possibly assaulted when you’re trying to make money for your family? Definitely not.

  2. I don’t get it if this happened LAST YEAR why did they just mention this NOW?! They do this all the time, even for other celebs but Justin the most.

    • It’s because lawyers hold up the cases in as many ways possible in hopes that the other side backs down or gives up so the celebrity doesn’t have to make a court appearance or pay anything. It happens every day in Hollywood because these are top notch lawyers, which is always why these things take forever to appear. Clearly, the guy wouldn’t back down no matter how many hold ups the lawyers put forth.

  3. Oh my goodness paps need to leave justin alone!!!!! There not his robot they can’t control him give justin a break paps. Hate the sin but love the sinner justin don’t worry about the paps they are just misled they don’t see the good person you are on the inside at least I forgot who u were on the inside but realized who you really were. I will pray for u.

    • Um….paps are just like journalists. Good journalists don’t give a crap about who’s good and who’s not, thats not their job, their job is to report the facts, not their opinions. That’s what they’re paid to do, to be unbiased in all areas. Same with paps. They’re paid for pictures and anybody wanting to be a celebrity knows that before hand and it’s part of the deal. Get paid big money, there are going to be drawbacks. Obviously one of them for being famous is your life is no longer private. It sucks but thats life. There are setbacks for everything.

  4. They need to leave Justin alone and they wouldn’t have to worry about that happening. Justin is in his new world where he want peace with no cameras in his face.

  5. wow he called 911 just for that ??? that’s what they get for not leaving Justin alone -.- I would’ve gone sharkeisha on them -.-

  6. Um….clearly you people don’t get its a JOB. Part of being a celebrity is being in the spotlight 24/7. If you don’t like it, don’t be famous. That simple. Or don’t go out all the time and have people do your crap for you like other celebrities. There are thousands of other celebrities who take this crap in stride because it’s part of the deal you make when you become famous that your life is no longer private, it’s out in the open. Stop boo-hoo-ing him. His bodyguards fucked up. They assaulted someone or destroyed property. That’s against the law no matter what he’s taking pictures of. They need to shut up and face consequences already for their actions.

  7. He’s a celebrity of course the papa are gonna take pictures . If he doesn’t like it then why did u sign to be a celeb in the first place .

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