Justin Bieber to REJECT the Prosecutor’s Plea Deal, report says

Justin Bieber Reject Plea Deal

Justin Bieber is about to reject a plea deal over demands he should submit for random drug testing, reports say.

Justin was arrested in January 23, and facing charges in Miamiof resisting officers and DUI.

The State Attorney was alleged ready to drop both charges if he agreed to undergo random testing for substance use and commit 40 hours of community service, but sources say Justin will reject the offer in a sensational turn of events.

According to TMZ, sources close to JB believe the prosecutor’s offer should be declined because Justin doesn’t want to be under the constant threat of probation — and  this would make him a spectacle.

via TMZ:

There are several reasons they (JB team) aren’t buying what prosecutors are selling. First, there are huge problems with the case — they believe the cop lied when he said Bieber reeked of booze (he only blew a .014), and he was also lying about observing Bieber drag race — the GPS device registered a very reasonable 27 MPH.

But the bigger issue is this — Bieber will NOT accept any plea that has probation … where the judge can throw the book at him if he screws up.

In particular there’s NO WAY Bieber will agree to random drug testing. Fact is … he has a problem with weed and sizzurp. If you don’t understand his worry, just remember Lindsay Lohan, who became a habitual probation offender for more than 7 years.

Justin will not accept an alcohol ed course as part of a plea deal, because he’d become a spectacle.

  • hannah bieber

    well…. I have no words

    • MiaBieber

      why not? its right! justin you do it and keep to your word!!

    • bethany

      hi Justin I don’t know what to say! I have always wanted to meet you but it is too much money for just my mum. I can sing to as a young girl and please find your way with Christ again I might be able to help…

  • here for justin and selena


    • elisa

      but its true

    • elisa


  • amyheart

    i bet half that stuff isnt true stop TMZ

    • Fangirl Tia

      Um no. I live in miami and the tv news said the same thing.

    • Kalani

      The media always lies. Half of the stories aren’t even true. It’s so far from the truth

    • Kalani

      Seriously, I hope TMZ goes to hell or better yet slither back in there holes where they came from

  • Bbb

    Let him mess up one time he will be back in the slammer

  • amyheart

    yeah they can lie just like TMZ told them

    • Kalani

      Seriously they should just crawl back where they came from

  • amyheart

    Just’ns lawyers are rejecting the deal because 1. Cops lied. 2. Justin doesn’t want to take consequences for being innocent. #MAHNIGGA

    • Kalani

      Pls give me a break. Don’t you think the freaking cops lied just to take a picture with Justin.

  • amyheart

    The Florida State Attorney should drop all the charges! He was stopped under false pretences, and then charged with other violations. He was under the alcohol limit, so why should he:
    • Attend and alcohol ed course
    • Attend a “victim impact panel” (where relatives of DUI victims share their stories)
    • Install an ignition interlock device? This device is for alcohol not marijuana or prescription medication.

    • dchopsey

      Sorry to correct you. Driving Under the Influence is not only for alcohol; it is for drugs also. I will ALWAYS support Justin. I respect and admire him for all that he has accomplished. But although his alcohol level was under the limit; he did test positive for drugs. Combining weed and prescription drugs is harmful. Remember people have lost loved ones to those driving under the influence of drugs too; not only by drunk drivers. I will continue to pray for Justin; for his strength and I will support what ever decision he makes.

      • tj

        he had the inactive form of thc in his blood. that is no proof of driving high. and 70% of ppl with thc in their blood pass roadside dui tests. xanax has no effect on driving.

      • Bluejaysboy

        they wouldn’t of know he was under the influence if it wasn’t for the traffic stop. How do we know if the confession was true it happen on the way to the police station in the police car no dash cam of it. It all come down to the traffic stop being legal. Now my dad said if this was a DUI check point he could see but it was a traffic stop where the cop estimated the speed. That the same as guessing the speed. Base on the evedince he would have to throw out the DUI charge. Justin can also submit a plea deal to if he wants it’s a take or leave thing. They do not want this to go to trial now because they now know they are going to lose. That why they are trying to get him a deal. watch their will be a less harsh plea deal coming or they will take Justin plea deal he made.

      • Kalani

        How would you people even know if that’s true or not. Not everything on the online is true. What’s next Justin and Catlin are secretly engaged. Sources say Catlin told Justin that she’s pregnant.

    • Kalani

      Justin wasn’t even drag racing. He was turning the corner. Tmz can just slither back in there hole.

  • Belieber

    I don’t really have any words

    • amyheart

      its not true

      • Kalani

        Lies and more rumors about Justin. I hope they get eaten by snakes

  • here for justin and selena

    Guys were here for the music and to support and love justin for who he is not for what the media says :) come on guys lets stand tall and help justin out he really needs us beliebers to stay by his side :) come on guys believe in justin don’t forget what he taught us….. what’s his motto????? We are the only ones who know who justin is the media doesn’t…… the real justin…… the media only puts out fake stories because they want to try to put justin down and get to him the media wants to try and get the best of justin but, as long as we’re here with justin supporting him nothing can stand in our way we are family. We are strong. We are unbreakable!!!!! This is our year, our time, and our place to shine. We are beliebers and we love justin !!!! We will never fail. Justin might be going through a hard time with everything going on but like he said in first step to forever “every single one of us lifts him up a bit higher” enough with bringing justin down thinking that he’s no good to survive this down fall….. we need to work as a team to bring him back up again….. we all need to stick by his side and be there for him. Beliebers are you with me???????

    • #1beliber

      Hell yeah I’m with ya!

      • here for justin and selena

        @#1belieber thanks can you do me a favor Please???? I don’t have a Twitter but, I’m really trying hard to write a song to help justin find himself by his 20th birthday remember when justin said he lost himself last year and he’s afraid of getting lost and not finding the way back the song is called the real You. It’s about all the hard times he had at the start of 2014 and till the end of 2013. I’m trying to let him know that he’s human but, he’s not the person he normally is . Which includes justin never going to clubs , smoking getting fight with paps, throwing up on stage. I’m also trying to get justin to realize that I disagreed with a lot of the things he did but,most importantly he was wrong. I’m trying to help justin before it’s to late and he gets thrown somewhere he doesn’t want to be we all know justin is innocent but still I need your help. I DO NOT WANT TO GET RECOGNIZED BUT I JUST NEED THE SONG TO BE OUT THERE SO JUSTIN CAN READ IT I WANT TO MAKE THIS BIRTHDAY A MOMENT HE WON’T FORGET SO WHEN I POST IT ONLINE WHEN I’M FINISHED CAN YOU WRITE IT DOWN AND TWEET IT TO JUSTIN BECAUSE I REALLY FEEL LIKE HE NEED TO UNDERSTAND WHAT MY POINT IS IN WRITING THE SONG IF YOU CAN GREAT :) I love you :)

  • ivone

    The cops lied and so does TMZ. Why do people believe everything they say on the internet?!?

  • skeptical

    By not accepting the deal, he just shows others how resistant his is to get better. He wants to keep drinking and smoking weed, so he’s not going to submit to drug tests or go to classes.

    Day by day, he’s finding more ways to let his fans down.

    • tj

      i disagree completely. he did the right thing. he should not go to jail for something he didnt do.

      medical marijuana is legal in calfornia.

      • Gary

        I think Miami’s in FLORIDA!!

    • Kalani

      People are that naive to believe things. Half of the stories are so far from true.

    • Ja’Tera Bryant

      I am a fan a big fan actually and he has not let me down at all a least not yet and i dont think he ever will. Justin is just going threw a rough time hes a teenager we all go threw thoes and hd will never do anything to let his fans down when justin gets in some trouble or is causing problems he is not disapointing belibers because a beliber will never be disapointed with him we support justin through everything bad and good because at bad times all he needs is support and thats what belibers do

      • skeptical

        TJ, driving under the influence is illegal. In all states. Plus, he wasn’t in California.

        Ja’Tera Bryant, I respect your opinion. It’s nice to see dedication. For years, I used to think the same way — that he’s a teenager, that he’s talented, and that I’d always support him.

        I still believe he’s talented (although I think he’s coasting on his fame a bit), and I still wish the best for him. In the past, I would defend him whenever people talked smack about him, but lately, I have not been able to.

        Now he is doing dangerous stuff that could easily hurt the lives of others. If he were just some ordinary guy, people wouldn’t let him get off the hook for these things. I don’t think we should treat him differently just because he is a celebrity.

        I wish him the best, and I hope you are still there for him when/if he gets better. But for now, I don’t think I can make excuses for him. He is an adult, and he should be held accountable for his actions.

  • stringbiebs

    It says his TEAM, not Justin himself. He’s very tame now, don’t think he’ll be doing anything dumb.

    • Kalani

      Sources told TMZ that CATLIN is. Pregnant with Justin’s baby. But Catlin’s mom told her to give it up for adoption. When Justin found out he was pissed and told Catlin to keep it.

  • bieberfever#1

    i actually had a feeling he wasn’t going to agree though, but i still don’t understand why he rejected it

    • Bluejaysboy

      I think he think If their going to Drop the DUI charges anything related to that as a punishment should also be drop.

      He right all he would be doing is plea to what they want him to plea to and not drop a d#mn thing. That what he will get if he lose the trial any ways.
      So why plea to that. A first time offender get that any ways. It would be like he plea guilty to the DUI charge. Why do that when he going to get that if he lose the court case anyways.
      The plea punishment should be the punishment they want him to plea to. Florida State Attorney think he dumb. Well Their going to lose the case their no way they can prove the traffic stop was legal in the first place. The officer would have to go under oath and commit prejury. but they could have already by signing the Police report.

      • Kalani

        Sources from Justin’s team told Justin that he got catlin and Selena pregnant. But a close friend of Catlin told tmz that she gave it up for adoption from reports says.

  • Bluejaysboy

    My dad is a former prosecutor he said the Florida state Attorney is dumb to even try to take this to court. They have no evedince the stop was a legal stop. They have to prove the stop is was a legal stop and the only way to do that is to get the office to come up be ask about the stop and how he got the speed. human error could of play a factor and my dad said he would have it let got this far but that what you get (sorry ladies kind of sexist here) when a women runs a State attorney offices. If she will used her head and get a Judge to look at the traffic stop she will find out that they do not have enough evedince to convict Justin Bieber. The people have been telling them to get a Judge to look at the traffic stop but the people are be shadow out and do not realize that the taxpayer with have to pay for another lost trial and she may end up losing her job.

  • here for justin and selena

    I’m crying for justin…… it hurts……. I love him so much……. I need justin….

  • here for justin and selena

    :( justin is my everything I would be lost without him…….. I don’t want to loose justin……… I know that he’s strong but it bothers me a lot.

    • Kalani

      Uh they always make up stories about Justin. What’s next Justin and Selena are secretly engaged

  • Bluejaysboy

    Or he could do a deal him shelf and his lawyers. I could see that happening as well. The prosecution may not want this to go to trial any way. Right now with their luck at trials right now.

    Now If I was the prosecutor here What I would off It would be the same plea but different I would have him plea to a reckless driving charge but instead of doing all the DUI stuff I would make him Just pay a fine and 1,500 dollar unless he can prove to me or a Judge he had prescription for his medicine and he has a legal driving licsense The I would not it down to 500 dollar. that all they can really do.

  • BelieberDude96

    That’s a smart decision. They are in the right to challenge the case, considering everything that is screwed up with it. If they accepted this, then both the media and the police officers who falsely accused him would get what they wanted.

    It makes sense why he’d deny the drug tests and alcohol ed course. I do believe that he does smoke weed and probably drinks often (I’m not convinced he uses sizzurp, but if he does that’s his business and I still wouldn’t care), but I think those things are perfectly fine for him to do and have no problems with it. Besides, it’d be stupid for him to take an alcohol ed course when he factually was not intoxicated, nor was he speeding.


    SPEECHLESS… he has a point, but …

  • nicki

    Don’t know what to say.

  • Jess

    If someone picks jail time of drug testing you know they have something to hide, and that’s the truth of it.

    • Jess

      Instead of *

  • Azaria

    Well it’s clear he doesn’t want to stop smoking pot, which is fine. I can understand him not liking the probation thing, that really sucks. It all sounds like logical reasons to turn it down. I just hope they come to some sort of agreement.

  • Jay

    You people are honestly the reason the world has so many addicts. Because you encourage people who do nothing but find excuses for their own behavior and place the blame elsewhere. How is anyone supposed to get better if they don’t see their own faults and keep putting the blame elsewhere? Every week I come here and I see new excuses pulled out of your butts about everything. I’m sorry, but the unlikelihood of every single thing that’s been reported on this kid being false is astronomical. We know for a FACT he drinks, heavily, because he’s always sneaking into places and I’m sorry but if it were REALLY just to party, it wouldn’t be at BARS. We know he smokes heavily, and we know he uses that sizzurp crap which in and of itself is dangerous. This kid has problems. And the more and more you people find excuses and blame other people, the more and more he’s not going to accept he has a PROBLEM and he’s going to keep doing it anyway because everyone’s telling him he’s fine, he’s perfect and he has no problem, it’s every one elses problem. Just you watch. Maybe a year from now, maybe two, maybe three, this kid is going to do something completely retarded and hurt himself or somebody else and either end up in rehab or dead. It starts this way with every celebrity, hell, even Heath Ledger accidently died from prescription meds, just like we know Bieber takes and who the hell knows what else he’s taking that he could easily OD on. This kid needs help. Get it through his head and stand by him WHEN HES MAKING A CHANGE FOR HIS BETTER SELF or what him keep spiraling until something terrible happens. Mark my words, nothing good is gonna come from this. I’m sick and tired of reading about celebrities dying or ending up in rehab and this kinda crap is exactly why, because people set them up to think they’re invincible and can do no wrong when thats a bold faced lie just to massage their egos.

    • Jess

      I love you.

    • skeptical

      I definitely agree with you. He even compares himself to Michael Jackson, and look how that turned out. Some tough love from his fanbase could be a much needed wake up call.

      • Kalani

        Uh Clearly the media lies. Besides half of the stories aren’t even true. They are so far from the truth.

      • Kalani

        Reports say justin got catlin pregnant. Liable source from Justin’s team told him and he flipped out .

  • Justin’s girlfriend Samantha

    I miss you Justin
    & I Love you

  • Jay

    I’m really not here to argue. I don’t want this kid to end up screwing up, I don’t want his problems to become worse, I don’t want to see him hurt, hurt someone else, or die. I’ve had people in my family who battled addiction; one case alcohol, one case sleeping pills, one case cocaine. Addiction runs in my family, I know how this works. The longer people who ‘care’ for the individual stand by and give ‘support’ by making them think its not their fault makes them do it more because they think they can get away with it, that it’s okay, and that no one will hate them or feel any different towards them when they do it. It’s encouraging them, plain and simple. Addiction is a messy, long term problem. Just saying “I’m gonna be a good boy and stop all this cold turkey” isn’t crap, that’s a publicist talking. Addiction is more than that, way more. Most celebrities secretly battle it for years. And so the hell what if the media makes up stuff or blows stuff out of proportion. We have PROOF from HIM saying he takes prescription meds, we’ve seen him drinking A MILLION times in photos and we know he’s a pothead and does sizzurp from photographic proof so are you going to blindly deny those facts just so Justin continues to look like a sparkly, innocent angel? Because I can tell you, and bet everything I own, on the fact that denial isn’t going to help a darn thing. What would you guys do if he did die theoretically? How bad are you going to feel as a fan base that you stood idly by and said nothing but “haters gon hate, we love you Justin!” instead of “Hey, we love you, GO GET SOME HELP!” I’m not here to start a flame war or a discussion on media, I’m here to make sure you guys know that this kid is in trouble. This is how it starts, it starts slow and then they start acting out and then stuff starts getting crazy and then their worlds start to unravel from their addiction. You say Justin is denying the plea deal because of this or because of that, but I think based on what we know from photographic evidence that cannot be denied by any logical person, he just doesn’t want to get into more trouble and get more face time in the media because he gets caught doing something he’s not supposed to do outlined in that deal. We know he drinks regularly and while that’s normal for teens/20 it’s still against the law and would land him in hot water if busted and his bodyguards clearly can’t protect him from everything. At this point, we as a fanbase have to band together and get it across to him that we’re not going to watch him toss his career down the drain, that we are not going to let him keep making mistakes. Media or no media, this is a problem and placing the blame on anyone other than the one with the addiction does NOT solve the addiction problem. Just because the media lays off doesn’t mean at all in the slightest he’s suddenly going to give up all this nonsense. Once you’re addicted and doing it, that’s it, what’s done is done. He needs professional help whether it be for a month, several months, counseling, whatever. He needs to at least do SOMETHING other than act like nothings wrong at all and its’ honestly disturbing and wrong that his “team” is more worried about his image and his income over his personal well being and health and the fact that some fans are going along with that is scary and alarming.

  • ivan

    The reason he rejected the deal is that the police lied and the whole case might be thrown out against him. The police know that so they want him to submit to a plea deal with too many conditions that would make him look guilty. He was not drunk on alcohol nor was he drag racing as they originally charged in the police report also, the cop could have lied about his resisting arrest. That cop has lied before according to TMZ. They can’t change that.

    • Jay

      He’s underage and was drinking. No matter his alcohol level, it’s still illegal whether the cop lied on the details or not. What he blew is still accurate and still very much illegal for his age AND the added driving a vehicle while intoxicated and being underage. Sorry, can’t argue that.

      • CupCake

        Now, where is the “like”-button? ;)
        Well said.

      • MellyBieber

        @jay i agree but shouldn’t the place that sereve him alcohol be charge too, i mean if they know he underage then why did they still sereve him?

  • ivan

    The image he has is partly his fault but mostly the fault of the media which only reports anything negative and ignores the good he does. If I talk only about your mistakes, I could make you look like a very bad person too. That’s common sense.

    • Jay

      I’m sorry, when did I say anything about the media screwing over Justin’s image? I’m talking about his addiction. Again, blame placing. Every celebrity deals with the media and horrible articles written about them. It’s how they handle it that shows what they’re truly capable of and clearly Justin has a problem with substance abuse.

  • amira

    Well-done,I was hoping Justin’s lawyers have common sense and I proved to be right. Why on earth should he accept any plea when it is the Miami police in trouble? I think they should pay damages and compensation for defaming his name, and all the false allegations now half the world believe. Justin is and has been bullied by the lying media, the intrusive papas and now the money-seeking police. All these people want is their share of Justin’s great wealth, obviously. I hope the world will see it before it is too late and he turns up as ill as Michael Jackson. He went through all these things and poor him, he became so ill as a result that his own doctor could kill him.God forbid Justin falls victim of these hyenas.

  • CupCake

    I guess we just have to wait and see what he will do. For his sake I hope he will take the deal, at the very least that would save him from another blown out of proportion media-circus, and also it sets a good example.

    On the onther hand I can understand why he woulnd’t go for it. After all it is pretty obvious he enjoys his weed and it makes sense that he doesnt want to get tested positive on that and have those resulta get out.

    Just ignore TMZ ladies (and gents) and lets wait, they can say all they want but they/we can’t be sure yet, it could still go either way.