Justin Bieber & Twitter Trolls Among 50 Things People Hate about Modern Life, UK Survey Says

Justin Bieber twitter trolls

New research by Independent.Co.UK probes into the most annoying aspects of life in the digital age.

Justin has punched in at No. 42 of on just published list of Top 50 Things People Hate About Modern Life.

Top 50 Things People Hate About Modern Life via Independent.Co.UK

1 Self Service Check-Outs
2 Styrofoam Cups
3 Mobile Phone Ring Tones
4 Sales Calls
5 Reality TV
6 Selfies
7 Slow Internet
8 Mobile Phone Battery Life
9 Cameras On Phones
10 Headphones Leaking Loud Music

11 Expensive holidays
12 Budget Airlines
13 Sat Navs
14 Texting While Walking
15 Poor Grammar/Spelling
16 Text Speak
17 Americanisms
18 Delivery Times Not Being Met
19 Coffee Machines
20 Premiership Footballer

21 Bread Makers
22 Gangnam Style
23 Twitter Trolls
24 Middle Lane Hoggers
25 Private Conversations On Mobiles In Public
26 Z-Listers
27 Spam Email
28 Junk Mail
29 Train Fares
30 Road Rage

31 Fad Diets
32 Celeb Fitness DVDs
33 Estate Agents
34 Being Put On Hold
35 Pot Holes
36 Autocorrect On Phone
37 Clothes On Pets
38 Excessive Plastic Surgery
39 Foreign Call Centres
40 Commuting In London

41 Traffic Wardens
42 Justin Bieber
43 Computer Viruses
44 Hackers
46 Being Outbid On eBay
47 Seat Hoggers
48 ‘Fraping’
49 Having To Pay For Cash At A Cash Machine
50 Cracked iPhone Screens

19 thoughts on “Justin Bieber & Twitter Trolls Among 50 Things People Hate about Modern Life, UK Survey Says

  1. Biebs Swaggs

    why?? why on earth will u put our JB in there?! he didn’t even do anything to u… AT ALL!! smh
    don’t u guys have other BETTER things to do?? screw u…

  2. rb

    This Saturday March 1st, say Happy Birthday to Justin by viewing his song “Baby” 20 x on YouTube. 20 x>refresh every time please.

  3. dchopsey

    Jealousy rears it’s ugly head again. I guess it could have been worse; they could have said Justin was the #1 thing they hated. Sorry Justin. An early HAPPY 20th BIRTHDAY to you JUSTIN. You are #1 in all Beliebers/Jeliebers hearts. GOD bless u JUSTIN.

  4. Belieber for life

    I can’t believe he is turning 20. Tennage days are over for him. Somebody snapchat me my username is karkaydom

  5. belieber

    ok I think peps don’t like him because he lives the life everyone wants but they think he is fucking up (excuse my French) so they won’t give him the chance to change back they want to get rid of him because they think he has bad influences and that he can not change

  6. Belieber for life

    Why is Justin on the list and not Keith lemon? this is so stupid love you Justin have a grate 20 birthday hope it’s better than last year

  7. ivan

    they polled people who probably hate him anyway: remember these are about 600 people that were polled in England which has the media always trashing him. Remember the bad time he had there last year? With paps and parents? 600 people means nothing.

  8. hannah bieber

    ok first of all a lot of those thing on the list is stupid and second why the hell is Justin on that list.can I ask what did he do to the country that made him hate him so much ???? -.- ugh haters make me sick

  9. Belieber 4ever!!

    why on earth would they put Justin on there???? he never did anything to them, jezz people need to leave him alone. anyway today is his birthday, so Happy Birthday Justin. <3

  10. Claudia

    I’m just going to be here laughing, because while they’re hating on Justin, Justin’s getting millions by the second. He’s worth 160 million, and those people are still working at McDonald’s.


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