Justin Bieber ‘Working to Get Better,’ Making New Music!


Great news, Beliebers! Justin says he’s working to get better. Sure, it’s been a rough months for Justin, who is facing a raft of legal issues from Canada to Florida and Los Angeles, but he’s clearly drawing some inspiration from fans and he’s grateful for the support.

Justin tweeted (Feb19) that he is “always working to get better.” He wants fans to know that he’s actually focusing right now on what made him famous: MUSIC.

He tweeted: “Dance rehearsal. Guitar practice. Workouts. Voice strengthening. Studio writing sessions. Always working to get better. Work hard. Be great.”

Then, noting the support he’s received from fans, he added, “I see all your comments. Keep strong. Be the best that you can be. Much love.”

He also acknowledged his mother Pattie Mallette, posting: “I love my mama,” who responded, “Awwww I love u too. Xoxoxo.”

  1. That’s really amazing keep up the great work justin I can’t wait to hear your new singles yey I’m excited I love you Justin so so so much :)

  2. That is the BEST news I have heard. I know Justin will make it. He is strong especially in his Faith. Really looking forward to the new MUSIC. GOD bless u Justin.

  3. Wonder what he’s working on I’m sure it’s gonna be great as great as justin is. I’m glad he’s working to get better its been such a crazy year for justin in 2013 and this year in 2014 I know that justin can get through his struggles as long as he has the support from us beliebers and yes I know us beliebers he can get through anything. I know justin always tries to be strong for us even though he may be going through a hard time making mistakes screwing up like every human being does. Now is our chance to forgive him like I already did because NO ONE IS PERFECT EVERYONE MAKES MISTAKES AND GROWS UP I have to remind myself of that saying now because I have forgotten a lot of times this year and last year but, never will forget again. This is great news I feel like justin is coming off to a good start. 20 in a week that young man is a heck of a prankster……. justin is a fighter his strong sense of faith yes I agree with dchopsey will help him. I really need to focus on the good things and not the bad things that justin does from now on justin has already proved to me that he’s not a bad person at all and he is a good role model to all beliebers he gives us hope and seeing who justin is right now even if he is not 16 anymore gives me hope to continue supporting justin through everything even if I disagree at times it can be hard as a selenator and belieber but, it’s worth it because you know why? Because I never thought I’d find inspiration like justin and selena and I am grateful that I’m even here in both fan bases because I belong here justin and selena are the greatest male and female artist in my OPPINION I could never ask for anything better than them. Btw I’m now changing my name from selena is my smile to here For justin and selena.

  4. im glad Justin is finally making the right decisions.im very looking forward in hearing some new music.for the first time I actually hear something good about Justin. keep it up Justin im proud of u <3

  5. I love the fact he is making new music but he should not change his personality he has the god given right to live the way he wants to what he does sometimes is not even that bad the MEDIA BLOWS IT OUT OF PORPORTION

  6. Just keep your focus on doing the right thing and don’t let anyone influence you on doing something negative that will hurt your career & reputation. Remember misery loves

    Much Love!

  7. I think it is sad people are still team jelena they were a cute couple but they are trying to move on and people keep trying to put them back together ever though his songs of heartbreak made me cry and I wanted them to get back together I understand he is slowly getting over her

  8. Es genial saber que el no abandonara sus sueños como el siempre nos dijo a nosotras/os.
    La verdad que me siento mas que bien es una noticia estupenda.
    Siempre con vos Justin.
    Con mucho Amor y Swag….Agus

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