Justin Bieber’s Next Girlfriend Perfume 2014!

justin bieber next girlfriend 2014

Justin Bieber’s new perfume – Next Girlfriend, out in spring 2014.

Justin Bieber is teasing his beliebers with the name of his new fragrance which is just arriving on the market. This is the successor to the perfume Girlfriend from 2012, which was presented as “flirtatious, personal and alluring”, created of floral-fruity notes on a musky base. After lines form the video clip for perfume Girlfriend “If I was your boyfriend I never let you go,” Justin turns a new page and dedicated the new fragrance to a new girlfriend. His new girlfriend should be sweet, full of energy and juicy just like the fruity cocktail of the composition Next Girlfriend.

Justin bieber next girlfriend perfume 2014

Opening notes of Next Girlfriend accentuate sweetness, innocence, youthful dash and positive emotions. The juiciness of pineapple and velvety peach is succeeded by a fruity-floral embrace in the heart composed of passionate raspberry combined with freesia and citrusy lily of the valley. The sensual and seductive tone of the composition is provided by musk in the base.

Girlfriend 2012 vs. Next Girlfriend 2014

Girlfriend 2012 vs. Next Girlfriend 2014

The game of juicy fruit and fresh flowers is repeated with each new edition while accentuating the characteristic and modern style which he wants to dedicate to all his fans. Sweet and juicy notes cuddling with white flower petals are warmed gently with a warm shade suggesting Bieber’s embraces that many girls worldwide daydream about.

The new flacon takes the form and the “winning” attractive combination of colors of edition Girlfriend with minor changes in the “shield” surrounding it. Next Girlfriend attracts attention with its pink-purple color combination contrasting to a golden color pendant formed like a small heart-shaped lock hanging on the neck of the bottle. The outer carton is decorated with circles with the same color combination as the colors on the bottle. The fragrance will be available as 100 ml Eau de Parfum starting from spring 2014.

  1. @selena is my smile umm no u left and it stays that way.just bcuzz hes being good all of a sudden u come back but when he does something bad u leave him again .ummm no honey that’s not how it works.your suppost to stay forever no matter what not leave then come back lol

    • @ Hannah Bieber I wish you would have never said that to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t like you ,you make me so mad after I posted an apology to you this is how you treat me I can’t believe you I didn’t come back because justin was acting all good I came back because I can’t let go of him I love justin you call me fake????? But it’s true I came back because I can’t let go of my family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are the reason why I am home !!!!!!!!!!!! All of you mean the world to me justin means the world to me all this time listening to Selena I thought about you guys I couldn’t sleep last night it really upsets me that I let you guys down what bothered me more was I missed Justin and being a belieber I missed all the memories we made I missed supporting justin after the dui everything just stopped I couldn’t understand why but it just did. I started crying because I knew I didn’t mean for it to be like this. I didn’t know why I was so angry at justin now that I know that he might get deported I’m scared his actions……. I’m sorry…….

  2. I can’t wait for the next girlfriend perfume because I have the key and those pictures of justin he looks soooooooooooooooooooooo sexy in all the pictures i am a believer and I will always be a believer forever britches and I love you justin very much and I don’t care what the heaters say because heaters always gonna heat on you but I love you zoo much

  3. I wonder why they thought of this name? I mean the name Next Girlfriend sounds like trading in your last girlfriend for a new one…LOL I think they should change the name at least.

  4. Hey Justin /bizzle I Love you boyfriend & I will get that new girlfriend perfume
    Yeah swaggy
    &you are a sexy bizzle /Justin 4me
    Baby boyfriend oxoxo= love me

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