Justin Bieber’s Suckin Nipple PIC is Fake!! TMZ LIES! You be the Judge!

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Above is the scandalous image TMZ published, Khalil (left) & Justin (right) biting nips.


Justin Bieber Birth Mark

Case1: Justin has a birthmark on his neck, but on TMZ he doesnt.

Justin Bieber Suckin Boobs

Case2: The guy on the right is actually Lil Za, not Justin. That “GG$” is Lil ZA’s shirt. The same shirt he wore when he was arrested weeks ago over coccain possession. See here!

Justin Bieber photoshopped

So its actually KHALIL & LIL ZA – not Khalil & Justin.

  1. Actually that is pretty convincing. The nipple photo also seems to be missing the freckle on his cheek, although the freckle issues COULD be an artifact of low quality camera and bad lighting.

    The case 2 photo is interesting. The top left picture is pretty obviously where they grabbed the body from but the bottom left photo and his head in the nipple pic don’t entirely match up.

    • Actually no, I take that back. The top left parts of Case 2 aren’t the exact same as Justins body in the nipple pic. It’s the same STYLE of shirt, but if you look closer, the way the shirt hangs is different (eg in nipple picture the G is pretty clear, but isn’t at all in the top left pictures).

      • Yeah the cops lied about everything. Even one of the cops lied. She should be on probation or suspended for lying

      • wow! kalani is here…. is this coincidence or what? meeting you here…. from the bias hollywoodlife.com site?

  2. Yeah and if it was real(it isn’t) 1 it should be a while past ago cuz where is his tatto behind his ear?the music note?! So its totally fake 2. A while ago justin had problems with his aressting and more problems so yeah i couldnt go to a porn club or whatever I HATE TMZ WHY WOULD THEY DO THAT TO A TEENAGER?!

  3. ok this is pathetic, Just because it’s Lil Za’s shirt doesn’t mean that justin can’t wear it. They share clothes all the freaking time. His body in the photo doesn’t match with the picture. And if this was photoshopped, where is the originall picture of justin’s head?

    If you’re wondering where his birthmark is, There are actually lots of photos of him without the birthmark, are those fake too?

    Remember the those pictures of him and selena kissing when everyone thought it was fake and tried to give all these evidence, and it was real afterall? And the picture of him holding a joint that tmz posted, yall tried to find all kind of evidence to justify his action but it turned out to be real too, remember?

    • R u blind? Cuz they did show u the picture that tmz used of justin in secound picture. And this is fake if u haven’t notice already, if it was real cnn would of said something. And if u haven’t notice tmz lies about to much shit. This wouldn’t be the first time they ever lied. And I’m not saying that the other photos of him shocking weed or with Selena r fake but with this picture u could tell that it was photo shoped.

  4. Ya’ll are delusional he’s almost 20 he’s a man he sucks titties obviously the photo is just flipped and it’s the other side of his face you’re thinking of thats why he has no tattoo or freckles in the right place

  5. If it’s fake[ I have no idea, I don't know much about faking pics] there must be a pic of Justin’s head in the exact position perhaps at some meet and greet kissing a girl? There are hundreds of pic of him.
    P.S. if it really turns out fake Gossipcop or inquisitr will report it.

  6. Guys love tits. Justin’s a badass, or atleast tries to be. Accept the fact the dude apparently has a thing for strippers, girls in general, partying; case in point, this is right up the new Justin’s alley so it’s pathetic trying to debunk it. The dude lets his friends borrow and use everything so why can’t he borrow a shirt? Exactly. Anyways, what the hell does it matter? He’s sucking on a tit. He’s one of the most wanted guys in the world despite his terrible behavior. The dude probably gets sex like Bill Gates makes money. Not to mention this picture could be months old, just because it’s leaking now doesn’t mean it’s brand-spankin’ new or recent.

  7. well even if it is fake… he does stuff like that you know. The other week he spent $75,000 in a strip club in Miami, what do you think he did there? Talking to the ladies? Come on guys… face it.

  8. Its seems real tho… Khalil’s hands r on the tits and justin head postion looks different from the position it was shown in the second case…. So it is mostly real #myopinion

  9. I don’t know much about fake pics but dat sh*t looks real enough.justin’s a teenager and i bet he loves titties like everybody else.he being a celebrity dosn’t make him any different!.am impressed with the way he got dirty enough to suck it in d open

  10. I just don’t know what to believe anymore… everyday more shit comes people say he has done and some say it’s fake some say it’s real IDK!
    He should do an interview where opens up and tells (honestly!) What is real and what is not.
    But even if it’s real #imneverleavingjustin because he’s almost 20, can do what he likes and makes nice music; I’m happy :P

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