Justin Bieber’s Tripple Legal Troubles Could Endanger International Travel and Career, Report says

Justin Bieber appeared briefly in front of Judge Joseph Farina, via video, clad in red jail-issued scrubs at Miami-Dade Circuit Court in Florida, Ja. 23, 2014. Bond was set at $2,500.

Justin Bieber appeared briefly in front of Judge Joseph Farina, via video, clad in red jail-issued scrubs at Miami-Dade Circuit Court in Florida, Ja. 23, 2014. Bond was set at $2,500.

Justin Bieber has had a narrow miss with the law in recent weeks, having been released on bail after his DUI in Miami. Unfortunately, it turns out his legal woes might endanger his career in a big way, reports USA Today.

On Friday, his rented private jet that carry him from Canada to New York for the Super Bowl parties was detained at the Teterboro, N.J. airport after officials noted that they smelled marijuana.

According to USA Today, Justin was released following a thorough search and several hours of questioning, which yielded no evidence against him.

While Justin is off the hook on that charge, the charges against him – DUI and assault in the US and his native Canada respectively – still stand. In reverse order – this week, Justin was charged with assaulting a limo driver in Toronto, last week came the infamous DUI arrest, after which a toxicology report noted the presence of pot and the prescription anti-anxiety drug Xanax in his system. Additionally, Justin is still under investigation for egging his neighbor’s house in LA.

Stan Goldman, a professor at Los Angeles’ Loyola Law School tells the AP: “The fact that you’ve got three is a heck of a lot worse than one.”

And should any of the cases end in conviction, Justin’s less likely to receive the benefit of the doubt in the others.

In an interview with the AP, criminal defense attorney Andrew Flier explained that, “multiple convictions — even on misdemeanors — could be troublesome to the non-citizen.”

  • stringbiebs

    But he didn’t attack that guy, he was there as a witness.

  • Heath

    He might have trouble entering other countries with a record on him. Australia and Japan for example.

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  • hannah bieber

    wat do u mean his career ????

  • Jay

    Whether he’s convicted and proved guilty or not, the fact he has multiple counts of anything against him is not a good sign and could get him in serious trouble or watched intensely by other countries from the sheer fact alone that he’s just involved and having the finger pointed at him. He’s already feeling the hurt in several countries from low ticket sales for live events and even tho Journals was a singles collection, it tanked in the charts which is not a good sign considering his previous numbers. He really needs to clean up his image or else.

  • nicki

    Why are they still talking about this. That happen a week ago. They need to forget about it. Leave him alone. Damn.

    • Kalani

      He’s not going anywhere. He does have lawyers to back him up. Besides he’s innocent


    I’m very curious when Justin Bieber’ll be indicted for genocide ?

    • Kalani

      I don’t think so. He’s a good guy. The cops and media needs to focus on someone else like Selena.

  • selena is my smile

    @ kalani no they don’t selena doesn’t do anything wrong unlike justin a 19 year old that’s out of control getting into more trouble by the minute…….

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    @ selena is my smile yea like her smoking ???? but no one cares.hes 19 not a little kid.get a grip he could do whatever he wants.just leave and never come back.we dont need u defending your precious barbie doll .as much as i love selena but its the truth -.- and @ jay or else what ????? your gonna kill him ???? god damm with u people HES 19 ALMOST 20 HES NOT A F***IN LITTLE KID ANYMORE.HE COULD DO WHATVER HE DAMM WANTS -.- I LOVE THIS FAN BASE AND JUSTIN THERES JUST SOME DAYS I REGRET BEING IN IT BCUZZ U GUYS ACT LIKE LITTLE BABIES -.- UGH

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    @ Hannah Bieber so your still here in the fan base????? I’ll get off justin fan site if you tell me are you still with selena??????

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    @ Hannah Bieber ok I won’t defend selly on here anymore…….

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    @ selena is my smile yes im still here as a belieber and selenator.if your gonna be on here fine as long as u don’t bash Justin bcuzz hes human and he makes mistakes.u know that hes 19 not a little kid anymore and bcuzz selena and Justin still love eachother fyi .the world isn’t just about selena all the time

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    @ Hannah Bieber dang, Kenny Hamilton just made me turn my head around thanks……. Hannah for what you just posted to me ………

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    Don’t tell him nothing the Feds are gonna watch his ass .every move too