Justin Bieber’s Urinating in Jail Video Remain Private After Media Urge Judge to Release Them (For Now)

Justin Bieber Jailhose video shot

(left) Justin Bieber appeared briefly in front of Judge Joseph Farina, via video Jan23, 2014 in Miami. (right) Surveillance video shows police patted down JB in jail house.

News media asks Florida judge to release Justin Bieber jail videos [full version].

Judge is holding a hearing on a motion by media outlets seeking the release of police videos made shortly after Justin Bieber’s recent arrest.

Justin’s lawyers want a Miami-Dade County judge to prevent the release of the videos until his lawyers can review them for potentially inappropriate material.

The media outlets say there is no legal basis to withhold videos of Justin taken at a Miami Beach police station after his arrest on Jan. 23.

Judges deciding whether to release Bieber jail video.

A Miami-Dade County judge is deciding whether all or portions of Justin Bieber’s inappropriate  jailhouse video should be released to the public – or not, reports WPLG Local10.

No decision was made during Thursday’s hearing.

Justin’s attorneys are asking a judge to seal police surveillance video of Justin while he was at the Miami Beach police station when he was arrested in January.

Earlier this month, after consulting with prosecutors, Miami Beach police publicly released a portion of that surveillance video that shows Justin being patted down by officers.

JB’s lawyers claim the unreleased footage shows Justin partially undressed at times — including when he urinated for a drug test. They argued it’s demeaning and something the public doesn’t have a right to see.

Justin has pleaded NOT GUILTY to misdemeanor charges of DUI, resisting arrest and driving with an expired license on January 23.

A continuation on Thursday’s motion was scheduled for March 4. The trial, originally set for March 3, was rescheduled for a later date.

Justin Bieber’s privates will remain private [for now] as Miami-Dade judge weighs police urination footage.

Justin Bieber’s privates video, for now, remain private as a Miami-Dade judge weighs whether to release video clips of him urinating inside a Miami Beach police station.

Justin’s legal team on Thursday insisted that the public had no right to see urination footage that is evidence in the criminal case against him.

One of lawyer, Howard Srebnick said:

No reason why the media should make a spectacle of that event, even if it happens to be someone who is high profile.

Srebnick said there are only four clips in 10 hours of various footage that show Justin urinating, with a small wall partially covering the view.

Judge William Altfield will view the videos in his chambers and review more court filings before making a decision on March 4. The rest of the videos, for now, will remain secret until the issue is hashed out.

  • Kalani

    I was reading somewhere where they were saying that the cop lied about Justin drag racing. He wasn’t even racing.

  • Kalani

    That should remain private. I’m sure Justin’s legal team wants this under wraps.

    • dante

      Yeah cuz he pissed himself like a little bitch.

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  • Kalani

    The media is stupid. Who wants to see Justin taking a leak in prison. I would rather see Justin having fun with his boys then seeing that

  • Kalani

    What’s next about Justin. Justin And Catlin Russo were seen leaving a hotel together. Sources say she was all over Justin.

  • Kalani

    Um no one has said if Justin is driving or not. Even though he has a driver. You usually see Justin driving with one of his boys In the passager seat.

  • Kalani

    The media should leave it alone unless none of this is true. It’s All BS

  • Kalani

    The media are always up his ass. And of course the cobras to.

  • Kalani

    I love commenting about Justin. My favorite topic.

  • Kalani

    What’s next Justin And a mystery girl were seen leaving nobu. Sources say the girl is a friend of Selena.

  • belieber

    ok now people have problems no one wants to see him pee that is an invasion of privacy( EEEWWW) who ever wants to see jerry is a perv # major perv!!!!!

    • Kalani

      That’s because the media are pervs

  • ivan

    the media in this country care only about ratings; they are worse than ever. Most reporters read from teleprompters what’ s written for them. They have never done this to another celebrity and there have been plenty such as Bruno Mars and Mel Gibson who were arrested for DWI-no one asked for their arrest search or piss videos.

    • Kalani

      Clearly the cobras can just slither back in there cave

  • ivan

    another point is that TMZ is reporting the arresting officer has a history of wrongdoing; in other words he’s a liar.


    i heat that and justin wasn ,t even driving the car and the madia is bullshit they just need to shut the f up all justin is tyring to do is live a smple good life and i love him with all my heart

  • here for justin and selena

    Why can’t they let this go already I am starting to feel frustrated with this case he wasn’t even racing for crying out loud goodnight. Justin is absolutely innocent of racing in my eyes I BELIEVE in justin the most.

  • Monica

    I swear dirty old man are majority most of Bieber dislikers. They can call Justin gay but yet they’re the pervs that picture Justin being with another guy and want to see his private parts. They cal Beliebers obsessive well they’re too. The public has no right to see any of the police footage, they don’t do it to the general public arrest so why a high profile celeb. Out of all this no one can clearly see most of these grown ass adults insulting Justin, they are the immature ones.

    • Kalani

      Clearly the media are pervs. Especially the cobras are always up his ass. Aka, stalkrazzi.

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    kalani do you do anything other than sit on this website all day commenting on posts?

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      @justineee, why do you care what I do.

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  • stringbiebs

    Media disgusts me and so does the Miami police. All videos like that should be kept private, they’re supposed to be for the police to review not the media and the world.

  • Justin’s girlfriend Samantha

    I Love you Justin baby I don’t want you in jail no no no!!!!!!!!
    I Love you


    Police released the video when when Justin Bieber’as urinating in order to humiliate Justin Bieber because it’s bribed by haters !

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    Very annoying

    • Kalani

      STFU seriously poser

    • Kalani

      Who cares what you haters have to say

  • Kristine Bieber

    The police are crazy to even consider releasing this. They have no right to, I just discussed this with my grandmother, and she said that the police can’t release surveillance cameras and they can’t keep them this long. This is freaking bs. Just p3rvert want to see a 19 year old boy’s d1ck.

  • ♥belieber&jelenator♥

    why in all f do i want to see him urinating

  • Mrs bieber

    The media has absolutely no right or entitlement to see this video. That is beyond a total envision of privacy and it’s disgusting that they think they should be allowed to release it

  • haha

    haha! I guess there’s no chance of seeing Jerry now

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  • Belieber

    I don’t want them to release the video’s at all. It’s invading Justin’s privacy, and they have no right to do that. They should be kept private. And I think its disgusting they would do that.

  • hannah bieber

    why would anyone want to see justin pee ??? seriously the media needs to leave him the hell alone. they dont do that to other celebs so why do it to justin ?? yea they call us obsessed but their over here following him everywhere. seriously this world is a disgrace -.- he needs his own privacy

  • CupCake

    You should think that judges should have more importanr cases to work on. How on earth did this even become an issue? And with that I don’t mean to ask why the media wants it, everything with Bieber gets a lot of views and thus it would make sens for rhem to have such (for a lack of a better word) “unique” content about him. But why on earth the system takes this on as a serious case remain a miracle to me. Of cours he has less privacy because he is famous (fame comes with a price that, up to a certain point, you should be willing to lay of you want such a career), but even the idea of releasing such things is rediculos.

    If he pees in a bucket and that gets caught on camera is a completely different thing, he would choose to do that in public and thus takes the risk. Here he did not have a choice and his privacy should be respected.

    I think that the media believe that most fangirls, however offended they might be about the release of such content, are just too eager to see his (lets keep this clean) you-know-what. In other words, no matter how bad they might think it is, they will still watch.

    Its in a way just like posting negative stories about it. We might dislike it, but we still visit those sites, and the clicks is all they need. And surely, this would send those through the roof.

  • angel nikki

    Why are bieber haters even in excitance all the do is sit and wait for something to go down with justin the they get on our butts about like we don’t know what going on really get a life and if you don’t have a life and just sayin crap for no reason that you an idiot with on what’s so ever thougts in that emty mine you have why do you hate him because you don’t have a billion girls screaming your name or is that you just don’t have anyone to nag on in your day did anyone ever think about how did bieber haters come to be