Katherine Gazda Denies Rumor Dating Justin Bieber: ‘I’ve Never Met Him’

Justin Bieber Katherine Gazda dating

The Sunday Mirror reporting Justin & Katherine dating (Feb8, 2014)

A singer/dancer Katherine Gazda who has been romantically linked to Justin Bieber has rubbished reports they are an item.

Katherine took to Twitter to deny the allegations, after the Sunday Mirror claimed they had been set up by mutual friend Blake Kelly.

via Sunday Mirror tabloid:

They hit it off straight away and are both really serious about one another.

But their relationship has been very up and down because she can’t stand the way he has been behaving recently. She is desperately trying to help him through all the scandal and regain his clean-cut image.

Underneath all the bravado and controversy, Katherine believes he’s a lovely kid with a real heart, she just thinks he is being led astray.

Despite Katherine allegedly having photos of Justin on her Instagram page, the 17-year old brunette has tweeted that she has never even met him, let alone been on a date with him.

Katherine Gazda not dating bieber

She wrote: “PLEASE DON’T BELIEVE EVERYTHING YOU READ!! I’m a #Belieber & it’s an honor to have my name next to @justinbieber but it’s all a LIE! I never even met him!! SHAME on who made it up!!!”

  1. she’s a belieber! yea! but i agree because most people believe everything they read and really they shouldn’t do that. They don’t know what’s true and what’s not true. So if she tweeted that then i believe her.

  2. awwwww that’s cute. <3 hopefully they will meet eachother someday and shes a belieber <3 it will be nice if Justin dated a belieber but I don't care if they date or not.i'll support whoever he dates :)

  3. Okay why would they make this up its a bull shit story and I know she flowing him on facebook and she is a believer

  4. I don’t think Justin will date a girl that is 2 years younger than him. He like older girls. That’s just my opinion. Its up to Justin if he want to date her. Is choice. But I still luv you. Please don’t go out with her.

  5. I miss you bizzle
    You Are sexy and hot and cute 4me
    You are my boyfriend & I saw heared that you called me on Sunday @6:30 almost dinner time
    And my mom was down in the kitchen
    Making dinner and I was kind of shy but I still Love you bizzle boyfriend hot pants
    I Love you. Always&forever xxx
    And happy valentines day & have a good family day with your. Mom
    Pattie. Tell her that I say hi ok hot bizzle sexy pants

  6. Omg .. she also follow me and favorite two my mention.


    I love her song, and like a lot of people said she ia beautifull and a humble person.

    but is that really her twitter, why its not verivied ?

  7. I dont even mind if she dating justin,, as long as justin happy..
    she really a nice girl ..
    but the fact she’s a belibers .. lets just believe what her says ..

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