Kathie Lee: ‘Pattie Mallette Wants Everyone to Pray for Justin Bieber’ (Interview)

kathie lee pattie mallette justin bieber

The ‘Today Show’ host Kathie Lee Gifford says that Justin Bieber’s mom Pattie Mallette wants everyone who cares about Justin to “pray for him” instead of criticizing.

Kathie appeared on Monday’s “Bethenny,” telling the host that she knows Pattie Mallette well and just spoke to her about Justin.

Referring to First Lady Michelle Obama’s advice that Pattie should hold Justin close, Kathie said:

It’s very easy to give that kind of advice… when your kids are under your roof. It’s a completely different world when your kids go off in their world and they’re making their own way and they have their own money.

You can’t tell them anything. You just can pray for them and let them know your love is unconditional, you don’t like what they are doing, but you love them, that’s the important thing.

And she says for everybody that [while] it so easy to criticize him, if you really care about him, please instead of criticizing please pray for him. There is just power in prayer, there really is.

Watch video below:


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  • angel

    We will pray for him and we will love him fover

    • Sipho

      He is a gud boy.

  • nicki

    We will always pray for Justin. We luv him, and believe in him. I am praying for u Justin.

  • Kalani

    Aww, she seems like such a good friend.

  • ivan

    Pattie is a good woman who cares about him. But i think she is making him look, by what she said, as if he’s a drug addicted troubled kid in desperate need of rehab and help. If you notice, since he’s been in Atlanta away from paps and crowds, he’s been looking fine and happy. He just needs to be left alone by the media and paps and be around good people who watch after him.

  • Belieber

    I’m praying for him that he will be alright

  • #1beliber

    I pray for him in tears every night. I just love him too much. You’ll be fine Justin you really will. Love ya!

  • hannah bieber

    its ok pattie.us beliebers are here for u and Justin <3 everythings gonna be alright<3 with god anything is possible

  • Angelika Nicole Gomes

    i’ll pray

  • Birk

    What a great thing for her to say.. Yes I agree that Justin needs prayers right now.. I just wish that he knew that Beliebers are doing just that for him.

  • ivone

    Where are all the people that said I love him, I will not let anyone hurt him, I will always be there to protect him?!? It has been all to clear from the very beginning that the media and the paparazzi where out to get him. Jealousy and envy has ALWAYS been their one and only motive!!!!!!!!!!!!


    I will always be there for Justin, and I know we all will too. I’ve been praying for Justin for the past few weeks… and I will keep praying for him because I feel like its my way of helping him, it a simple gesture to do to show how much I care for him because he has helped in different ways.

  • Gary

    I’m praying for him!!

  • Tanisha

    Ive always been praying for him