Kevin Hart on Justin Bieber: ‘I did stupid stuff too when I was a teenager’ (Ellen Interview)


Actor and comedian Kevin Hart has developed a friendship with Justin Bieber, and he opened up to Ellen with his thoughts on recent news about Justin. Hart told Ellen on Tuesday:

That’s my guy, man. Let me tell you something, I’m a friend. If I say I’m your friend, I’m your friend. Regardless of what it is you’re going through.

Hart said he thinks the media have a way of pouring it on celebrities when they are in a bad place, but he thinks Justin is going to be fine.

Justin’s a teenager. I called him and I told him, “Look, when I was a teenager I did some stupid stuff too. That’s what you’re supposed to do as a teenager. The job is to learn from the stupid mistakes that you make.

Learn from it, grow up, move on. But don’t keep giving them ammunition. He understands that, but he’s putting himself in a position for them to keep on finding him and doing things.

Honestly, if I had Justin’s money at his age and ya’ll cut me loose [joke]… Justin bought a monkey at one point in time. I was like, “I probably would have did the same thing! If I’d have seen a monkey run by and somebody told me I could do what I want because I’m 18? ‘I wanna take that monkey on the plane with me guys. Don’t tell me I can’t, I got a lot of money. I want the monkey.”

Justin clearly appreciated the love from Hart and Ellen, thanking them for their support and love.

  1. Very proud of Kevin Hart making a statement like he did about Justin on The Ellen Show maybe one day it will over turn the ignorance and the negative from some people that don’t even know Justin at all and believe everything they hear and read. As he gets older and wiser he will think before he act and make more positive decisions.
    Much much love!

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