Last Day as a Teenager


@scooterbraun: His last day as a teenager. Where has the time gone buddy? Happy early bday @justinbieber

  • ZEBA


  • Aulani

    Aww, Justin is so adorable

  • Aulani

    Can’t believe he turns 21 next year.

  • Michelle Bieber

    Happy Brithday Justin! Can’t believe how time fly,just remamber no matter what people say and all the things tha goes wrong in your life,I will always like the person you really are,you made me realize that when you believe in your dream,anything is possible. Will always ♥love you! God bless!

  • Belieber

    Time flies. Can’t believe he’s an adult already.

  • nicki

    Time is going fast. Happy Birthday Justin. He’s almost a adult. He have one year to be a grown man. Luv you.

  • Belieber Girl #1

    HAPPY 20TH BIRTHDAY JUSTIN DREW BIEBER!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have been by your side since the beginning and will continue to be by your side for years to come and i’m not going anywhere.

    Love, Belieber Girl #1

  • Belieber Cop

    awe Justin!!!!!!!! this is so sad…I think im about to cry…time flies fast when you have fun and next year you’ll be the big 21…be careful Justin and just know that your true Beliebers are out there to catch you if you fall ;) <3

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