Late Night Graffitting & Skateboarding

Justin Bieber late night graffiting

@rasullcob: Skated with this guy last night had a lot of fun @steviewilliams @dgk @troymorgan @reeseswagod

latenght graffiting and skateboarding

@rasullcob: Late night Session with the homie’s

  1. I’m not being racist in anyway, but he’s hanging around with too many black people. Most of them are leading him into doing bad things ( Not saying all of them. ).. I think he should step back from everyone and just think deep and hard about the way his life is going, because if he carries on to be honest, he’ll be dead in atleast 10-15 years, or even earlier.

  2. Sophie? What? That’s just soo racist! Their skin color has nothing to say. You think that everything bad Justin does is because of his black friends? You think he would act better if he only hangs out with white people?

    How can you say something like that? Thoughts like that shouldn’t be alive today.

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