‘Leave Justin Bieber Alone, Everyone Smokes Weed’ Kenny Hamilton Address #PhillipSeymourHoffman Death

Rip philip seymour hoffman justin bieber

Former Justin Bieber’s bodyguard, Kenny Hamilton fed up with the news media.

Rip #PhillipSeymourHoffman but I have to address the @nypost and the world.

@justinbieber skateboarding is not news. This shit is ridiculous and I’m sick of it. This kid smokes weed pulls pranks like anyone else and people say he’s a piece of shit or they want him deported. Snoop smokes all the time and it’s cool. This world is fucked on so many levels. No disrespect to PSH but he was found dead

  • Belieber

    I like that Kenny is defending him, but when he says its cool to smoke, I was like ” no, its not”

    • skeptical

      I agree with you. Plus, he’s not only smoking; he’s doing other things that put other people in danger, and that’s just not ok.

    • zoe.

      he wasn’t saying it’s cool to smoke like i said on the other post… he was saying that when snoop smokes no one cares but when justin does it people get angry. He’s saying it’s a double standard.

      • Belieber

        Oh, ya I get it now

    • Birk

      Most people don’t care about smoking weed anymore. And he is talking about Justin specifically because he is over 18. Kenny is not talking about little kids who shouldn’t be smoking weed in the first place!

  • Im Just A Belieber

    Wtf Kenny? Smoking weed is NOT cool. Smoking anything in general is NOT cool. Pulling pranks and skateboarding is fine. NOT smoking. psht…

    • zoe.

      He was NOT implying weed is cool, he was saying that when snoop smokes weed no one cares, but if justin does it everyone gets angry. He’s implying it’s a double standard.

    • Kalani

      I don’t think that what Kenny is saying. I think he’s saying snoop smokes . And no one gives him grief. Yet when Justin does it. The media blow it out of proportion

      • stop that guy

        that’s exactly what zoe said

      • KC

        Difference tho. Snoop dog does not have young little fans. Justin has fans that are as young as 5 years old.

  • Kenny Hamilton

    Im so cool. :)

    • Kalani

      Justin is amazing guy. People needs to give him a break.

  • hannah bieber

    I agree with Kenny :) people smoke all the time.its not a crime.beliebers get a grip

  • Gayle

    Dang some of y’all need to improve on your reading comprehension skills lol Kenny was saying that no one cares if Snoop smokes weed but everyone makes it a big deal if Justin does it

    • lovely

      he was saying that its a double standard.

  • Kalani

    People act like other celebs are so innocent. Yet when justin does something the media and tmz say negative things about Justin. Yet people think little missy prissy is innocent and does nothing wrong. No one says anything about her. Prissy girl.

  • Wtf???

    Smoking is NOT cool in the first place! Justin needs to stop doing it! Bt Kenny is ryt! When someone does it nobody gives a shit by when Justin does it it’s like a really big crime which is definitely not fair!

  • Rhiannon

    Kenny is right, as someone of Justin’s age group- EVERYBODY smokes marijuana at some point. However Justin isn’t everybody- He is in the public eye and a lot of young children look up to him, it is wrong that he presents himself like this. He is in a VERY bad place at the moment, and I think he is getting what he deserves. He needs PUNISHMENT to teach him a lesson the hard way, just like everybody else receives, send him to jail or deport him back to Canada… It’s what he needs. He hangs around with the wrong people and in my opinion he has forgotten where he comes from, the fame and the money are all that matters. I want the old Justin back!

    • HaylieDrewSwag

      maybe your right in what your saying, but Justin doesn’t deserve the shit he’s getting from the media. It’ll only make the matters worse.
      and what you said about Justin at last isn’t true at all, cuz Justin doesn’t care about fame or money………..he cares about the love and support he gets from his fans.And the love of making music
      I’m sure you know what kind of life Justin lived before he got famous, so you are wrong about what you said of fame and money!!!!!!!!!!

  • ivan

    I bet half of those at the Super Bowl including Bruno Mars[ he said he does] smoke pot. But Justin is the only one trashed over that.

  • ivan

    He never smokes in public; it’s nosy people or false friends selling him out. What he does in private is his business as long as he does not abuse his body with too much pot or takes drugs or drinks too much. The under 13 fans never stick with you; they see another cute face and leave.

  • ashely

    1 word…. BULLSHIT!! the TMZ lie so much, it is so obvious that the picture is photoshopped. I cant believe that Beliebers believe everythin they say. all the beliebers that think they r beliebers but believe this shit r fake beliebers, they should know that Justin cant drop this low and they should put trust in Justin

    • ashely

      I was talking about the pic of JB sucking on a breast up top, which is BS. I agree with Kenny, if 1 person smokes weed its fine but if JB does the same, BOOM! assholes talking shit about him! u tell them Kenny!!!!! #gokenny #belieberforever #fakebullshit

  • Sinthia

    So sad smoking weed is not good for everybody now look what happen to his life.

  • Sinthia

    If you see Snoop dog smoke weed for so many years and think it’s cool smh is not Because you will never know when your life is going to be over.

  • nicki

    I agree with Kenny. People need to leave him alone. People make it seem like Justin is the first person to smoke before. But it’s not. They need to give him a break.

  • Azaria

    Clearly you all thinking he’s saying smoking is cool need to get off the internet and pick up a book. He’s saying that it’s accepted that Snoop smokes and is seen as cool, but for Justin it’s seen as awful and he should be deported.

    If Justin wants to smoke weed, that’s fine, it’s harmless. It can, however, damage his vocal chords and lungs. It won’t kill him or anything like that, but it can damage his singing voice as anything that is inhaled via smoking, so he should keep that in mind. But seriously, he needs to stop being in the headlines for something that really isn’t that important.

  • m l

    james blunt is right about the paps. I hope he blabs it all over the country. the law needs to do something about those s o bs.

  • thisgirl

    he has a good point.


    Weed’s for people .

  • Bbb

    The reason why people get crazy when justin does something bad is because he’s the biggest pop star on the planet. And when your as famous as he is your not gonna expect him doing anything bad. It’s like a nice kid turning into a bad person which is unexpected. And after all these years he’s been nice to and everything. But when u see the nicest person do something bad it’s like woah I didn’t expect that to happen .

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