Lethal Bizzle vs. Justin Bieber Name War

Bizzle justin bieber name war

British Rapper Lethal Bizzle’s response to Justin’s name-change and posted this image on his Facebook Page

British rapper Lethal Bizzle took to his Facebook page to express his disgust over Justin Bieber, who allegedly co-opting of his stage name “BIZZLE”.

Over the last few weeks, Justin has been doing his best to fit in with his rap friends like P. Diddy, T.I. and BFF Lil Za, but clearly, his birth name reportedly just isn’t cool enough for the popular crew as he’s now changed his Instagram alias to the slightly more hip “Bizzle.”

Lethal Bizzle was formerly the most well known “Bizzle” around so it comes as no surprise that he wants his name back, according to British reports.

The rapper posted a photo of his unimpressed face on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram alongside with the caption: “Leeeeeave It Yeah.”

Justin Bieber vs LethalBizzle name war

He also tweeted: “Oi @justinbieber I hear your catting my name? #LeaveItYeah,”

Justin & his rep had no comment about the issue.

UPDATE Feb12: Justin has changed his Instagram name @bizzle back to @justinbieber.

  • SamanthaLuvsJustin

    Why does it matter that he wants to be called bizzle? & why does it make ppl think that he wants to not do pop music anymore? Just cuz he has a nickname doesn’t mean that he’s gonna be a rapper! Not that I wouldn’t like him anymore, it’s just I like his singing voice better than him rapping.

    • Asdfghjkl

      Wow Justin, WOW..

      • Asdfghjkl

        Ok its not just a “name” ok, lately justins been out of control and he was gonna go to jail but of course that f-er got away with it. Ok.Hes been actin black and hes just well messed up. So bizzle has EVERY right to tell him thats his name. I was once a belieber and trust me i was one of those hardcore beliebers like i wouldve never thaught that one day hed end up like this but it happened and now im f***ing done with him

      • Tanisha

        U were never a Belieber in the first place. And how can he act black? Thats racist. You cant act black. Stop acting ignorant and bashing someone you don’t even know

  • Kalani

    Why would he care what’s Justin’s name is. It’s not like they even know each other.

  • Belieber

    So, it ain’t like Justin knows who he is, and just stealing it. That’s Khalil’s nickname for Justin anyways. Not like Justin named himself that.

  • hannah bieber

    hes fighting over a name ???? seriously it really doesn’t matter.its just a name and just bcuzz he changed his name to bizzle doesn’t mean hes turning to a rapper lol

  • Azaria

    If he trademarked the name he could force Justin not to use it, but I don’t think he’s going by Bizzle. Puffy, a band from Japan, had to change their name because of Diddy/P.Diddy/Puff Daddy/Puffy. He changes his name too much :P

  • Daphne

    That would be like Justin Timberlake being pissed of because we call them both Justin. Or the Jonas Brothers being pissed that we call him JB this is so dumb -.-

  • stringbiebs

    Justin changed it back. I think it was just temporary, for fun lol

  • ivan

    This guy is an idiot. The nickname WAS GIVEN to Justin; what’s the big deal? Now this guy nobody heard of gets publicity over this.

    • Team Dench

      Leave it yeah, Bizzle is well known in the UK, he concentrates on British Grime and chooses not to go mainstream despite the temptation of money. He loves his music.

  • nicki

    It doesn’t matter. Why do he care. Its just a name.

  • ivone

    We love Justin or JB better, anyway!!
    Too many vultures out there,,,,,,aka media and paparrazi.

  • ivan

    This guy should thank Justin for using that name otherwise no one would have heard of him. He probably has 10 fans.

  • Tanisha

    It was just a nickname given to his friends. lol it aint no big deal. lethal bizzle or whatever his name is just wants some attention

  • Tabitha Morales

    I think that this guy wants attention ……….. So do me a favor …………….. Give it 2 him