Liam Payne & Louis Tomlinson Making Fun of Justin Biebers “Bizzle”?


1D’s Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson poke fun at Justin’s recent name change. As previously reported, Justin Bieber changed his nickname to ‘Bizzle’ on social media Shots.Me & Instagram (though he later changed it back).

Liam and Louis made light of the incident with a series of messages, which read “Sizzle,” “Fizzle,” “Drizzle,” “Snizzle,” “Chisel,” “Zizzla,” “Grizzle,” “Shizle.”

Do you think Liam and Louis were making fun of the Justin?

      • i agree with you Kalani they shouldn’t have diss justin like that what if 1D changed their name on Instagram justin wouldn’t make fun of it so 1D has to say sorry

  1. Who the f… cares? -the no talent, put together by a tv-show guys does not and have never deserved any musical credibility. They might have some charm(i believe, but have yet to see), but what else is there?-so, again: who cares?.

  2. Boy bands don’t last long, and Karma is a bitch, especially when Justin had nothing but good things to say about 1D. BTW, Justin is a megastar while 1D is only superstars.

  3. Wtf, I used to respect 1d but know I have lost that so you assholes gotta learn to have the guys to go to justins face and say it on his face oh and guess what the name bizzle is awesome so if you got a problem I got a better name for you guys , d*** suckers!!

  4. I know its a joke but this is one of the reasons why I don’t like 1D I mean they ARE good looking they CAN sing they have An AMAZING Talent but the fact that they keep on teasing him really erks me

  5. i like one direction but if they were making fun of justin they need to stfu bcuzz before they were a bunch of nobodies and they were on a tv show of people who gets to decide if their talented but justin was found so stfu. like i said im a one direction fan but they better not start

  6. i like 1d but they are always like that making fun of him remember when liam said its not biebs its b**bs and they are making fun of bizzle

  7. Tbh I never liked 1d since they showed up. And what annoys me that they are always making the fun out justin, I mean have you ever seen or heard something justin said about those assholes (1d) so stop all that hate. People don’t understand his position he has tough life. But just imagine being in Justin’s position and probably you will understand why

  8. if they have guts than do something different .u cant

    make fun of others.i things these stuff are done by

    those who are jealous of someone and i m very sure

    Liam and that guy are 1 of them

  9. one direction who? a group kept together by a guy who thinks he is good at judging how others sing, when he can’t even sing, but still criticise others. Not trying to be mean or anything but, how, and why do people compare one direction with Justin? there is obviously no comparison. 5 guys to a boy who become famous by himself and walked alone in this industry by herself, with self confidence while still being a kid. I personally never liked them 1D. Their fans are so mean/rude. We should not care. At the end of the day it’s Justins life, he could whatever he wants to do. I love you Justin, you’re such an inspiration to others.

  10. They’re making it a joke. Even Justin’s fans on twitter were saying funny things about it. It was kind of weird that he put “bizzle” as his name. I don’t think they were being rude, they are just lad who like to make jokes. No big deal.

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