‘Loser Keeps Bieber’ Billboard Jokes: USA vs. Canada Olympic Hockey 2014

loser keep bieber sign

A billboard jokes that the loser of the USA’s match with Canada ‘keeps’ Justin Bieber

A company in Chicago has taken out advertising space suggesting that the loser of Friday’s hockey game USA vs CANADA will have to ‘keep’ Justin Bieber.

The billboard jokes has gone viral after the company Twitter account @CommandSign shared one featuring Justin.  In the electronic image, Justin is pitted between Chicago Blackhawks players Patrick Kane and Canadian Jonathan Toews with the headline “LOSER KEEPS BIEBER.” 

Canada beats US 1-0 in men’s hockey semifinal at Sochi Olympics Friday Feb21.

35 thoughts on “‘Loser Keeps Bieber’ Billboard Jokes: USA vs. Canada Olympic Hockey 2014

    1. Ariella

      Losers don’t keep Justin.They just hang out with him and after that they leave.Not say “Oh Justin you’re gonna live with me!!” or “Justin lives with me now.”That’ll be just rude.My JB isn’t gonna live with you losers on the screen.

      1. Bieber's Shawty❤❤

        Then u need Jesus. I could imagine if that was u whom there will be talking crap about.. Then how u will be feeling.. I hope u won’t even able to say anything..


    Yeah its a joke, but for some people it can be hurtful… especially for beliebers….. I wonder what the teams think of this joke? :) lol

  2. crystal

    I don’t understand why people can hate Justin so much that they would want him deported. It’s ignorant. The funny thing is he’s still making more money than these haters and he will save more lives than any of these people ever will.

  3. ivan

    This is no mere joke. They won’t do it to some other celebrity. It’s ridicule of a young man who has contributed millions to this stupid country-he should give nothing next time for disaster relief as he did in the past to NYC and elsewhere-screw them

  4. hannah bieber

    that joke wasnt even funny.that was just rude -.- seriously they gone too far . but hey i’ll keep him tho lol ;)

  5. Debbie

    It’s time to live bieber alone he is trying to change. If it was somebody else it would of stop don’t forget he is only 18 years old. By the way Canada won the game today and it show how candian are doing their and supporting everybody their and how we support bieber when he comes home to canada

  6. anna

    I loved Justin’s tweet that he is an easy target to some and that he will continue to meet hate with love. he comes across so much more mature and classy than the bullies harassing him

  7. ashlynn

    i hate where i live i live in chicago and when he stepped on the blackhawks logo on the ground in the blackhawks locker room everyone went freaking mental

  8. ivan

    The press also has been horrible reporting only his mistakes. Also, they are trying to get his arrest videos showing his privates to show all over. They are worthless pieces of crap to do that. Others including his friend were arrested for the same thing recently-no one asks for their videos. Why?

  9. belieber

    he was looking forward to that game and both teams just dissed him at first it was funny until I saw the tweet that he was looking forward to it then it was horrible

  10. Miss-ke-ke

    They’re just sad jealous people with nothing better to do in their lives and to be honestly it is sickening to read all this hate and to see all this people put him down. He has made mistakes in his life, it doesn’t make him a bad person I just makes him human. This man is someone who puts his heart and soul into his music just for people to put him down. He is a guy with a big heart and a giant family of beliebers by his side to support him and pick him up when he is down, but what us beliebers have to do is ignore the hate because we are getting worked up over nothing when we should be spending that time with Justin even if we aren’t physically with him

  11. lambor500S

    Very unprofessional this is not like one of his friends saying this over the phone to Justin. This went global and it is very disrespectful.


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