Lung Transplant Patient’s Mom Sees Good in Justin Bieber. #RIP Kayla Baker!


Justin visited lung transplant patient Kayla Baker in Christmas 2013

Justin Bieber spent over 30 minutes in a low-key visit in Christmas 2013 and he asked that photos taken not be published to any social media; including Twitter & Facebook.

The then 15-year-old Kayla was dying at the Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto six months after a potentially life-saving lung transplant didn’t work.

Kayla died on New Year’s Day 2014.

BUT Kayla’s parents – Susan Tremblett and Kayla’s father, though still grieving – are now ignoring that request.

They have gone public with photos of Justin and Kayla and their recollection of his time with their daughter, to try and show others that there is more to Justin than his recent troubles drop-crotch pants and immature decision-making.

Kayla’s mom, Susan Tremblett told The Waterloo Record, Justin focused on Kayla during his visit. He asked questions, listened to music, he gave her a download of his movie Believe, and repeatedly told her not to give up and to “keep fighting.”

Kayla’s mom, Susan Tremblett said:

He’s very sweet. He treated her like a normal kid.

Kayla had a lot of great experiences. But Justin Bieber made her speechless for the first five minutes.

It just shows his character. He took the time out of his Christmas and didn’t want anything for it.

While describing this version of Justin as “kind,” “sweet,” and “generous,” Kayla’s mother recognizes the what if’s of his recent legal troubles and DUI.

I don’t condone drinking and driving and I don’t condone drugs. This one could have cost him more than a drunk driving charge. It could have cost a life.

He has done a lot of good. We just hope he gets the proper guidance.

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