My Strange Addiction – Toby Sheldon Addicted to Look Like Justin Bieber (Video)

'My Strange Addiction': Toby Sheldon's plastic surgery

‘My Strange Addiction’: Toby Sheldon’s plastic surgery

Toby Sheldon on TLC’s “My Strange Addiction”: A 33-year-old Toby Sheldon spent over $100,000 on surgery to look like Justin Bieber. Sheldon is a songwriter who says he gets mistaken for Justin a lot and he takes it as a compliment.

Toby SHeldon on Bethenny

Toby SHeldon on Bethenny

Toby Sheldon on Bethenny: Bethenny welcomed Toby Sheldon to the show to talk about howhe spent more than $100,000 on plastic surgery. In 30-something Toby’s case, his goal was to closely resemble Justin Bieber.

Watch VIDEO below:

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