Police at Justin Bieber’s Rental House in Atlanta (PIC)

Police at Justin Bieber House in atlanta

Police searching Justin Bieber’s limo found illegal drugs and paraphernalia Tuesday (FEB25), reports CNN.

Police said they searched his Cadillac Escalade after they found a camera inside that a paparazzi claimed was taken from him by Justin’s bodyguard, Hugo Hesny.

A Sandy Springs police statement said:

Less than an ounce of suspected marijuana and two large glass smoking pipes containing suspected marijuana residue were found inside the vehicle.

Due to the small amount, no charges were filed related to the marijuana.

A representative for Justin declined to comment.

  • Madison

    No matter what, I am going to be by his side no matter what

    • Aulani

      So Am I. He’s super talented and all around good guy.

  • natalie

    i wish all this could stop, i hope this is just a phase. he’s turning 20 tomorrow, i hope the papz dont ruin it.

  • dhanrhex

    no matter what challenges may comes to you always keep in your mind that your fans is always here for you to pray for this fucking issue….

    “happy b_day idol “