Police Released Video of Justin Bieber in Jailhouse – Prison Cell

justin bieber holding cell prison 2 pic

OMG.. Police have released the surveillance video of Justin Bieber moments after he arrived at the Miami Beach Police Department’s holding cell (prison cell) during his South Florida visit last month.

Justin Bieber holding cell prison

The surveillance video, released Thursday, shows Justin in the processing area talking off his sweatshirt, then patted down by a Miami Beach Police officer in the early morning hours of Jan. 23.

According to AP, Justin was cooperated with the police officer and listened to instructions and commands. Watch video below:

Justin was arrested on drag racing & DUI charges on Jan 23 and bonded out of jail on $2,500. He has a court date on March 3.

His GPS record on his rented yellow Lamborghini indicated that he was not driving at a high rate of speed.

  • Belieber

    I think its rude they would release a video like that. Its kinda invading privacy. But idk that’s just what I think

    • Kalani

      I agree. Justin deserved privacy. He should have never been filmed. Such morons.

      • Jazzy Bieber

        Ikr all they try to do is make people think that he is a bad person.

    • belieber

      yeah, you’re right. i agree…

    • me

      it’s so true idk y they have to release that video its non of anybodys buisness..

    • Julie

      Rude yes, but people don’t care about that, when they can make so much money of giving such a video to the media. Privacy doesn’t matter then to some people, especially when it’s such a big celeb.

  • ivan

    This was totally wrong; what do they gain by doing this? They want to make him look like a criminal. Justin’s lawyers should look into suing the police Dept there. Remember they lied about him and his friend drag racing and being drunk on alcohol.

    • Kalani

      Um he wasn’t even drag racing. They lied about him racing.

      • bieberfever#1

        thats what she said though….

  • smilesometimes

    wtf, wha kind of police does that, if it was someone else they would not do that, that improfessional, if they used that as ebvidence, that would ove been released (im going overdramtic, sorry) but still

    • Kalani

      Seriously they lied about everything. They always lie.

      • Ana


    • Kalani

      Because he’s a high profile celeb. They should at least turn off the cameras. Idiots.

      • AppleMartini

        FYI The cameras are there so they can show and prove that he they followed all proper procedures. Otherwise Justin can say they mistreated him. It’s a legal thing… -_-

        I have No idea Why they released it but they can.

        Deal with it.

  • lambor500S

    This is so wrong to do someone like this. I have never known a police dept. To release a video showing a person being padded down before they put them in a cell this could be a serious law suit. Because, it involves a famous person. Also, since he really wasn’t racing nor was he drunk.

  • Diana.Garrido

    O my god I’m glad that he’s out I hope everything goes well with Judtin I love you so so so much Justin beliber forever and ever :)

  • Diana.Garrido

    Oops I spell Justin wrong I’m really sorry I love you Justin so so so much beliber forever :)

    • Laura Perez

      Umm belieber is spelled wrong..

  • Wezi

    Stupid boy he rily nidz help him and his mom ‘r shit i thought h wz gonna change after bt h hasnt so no point defending him coz h won’t change

    • bieberlover

      u r an idiot he has changed and why does he need to change he is awesome.u r just a anti-bieber person so shut up . cause his fans love him.

  • Nina

    Silly boy i hope that whore chantel gets pregnant coz tht wil b career over

  • Nina

    Silly boy i hope that whore chantel gets pregnant coz tht wil b career over#no hate bt this is just so nt appreciative

    • stringbiebs

      Lol they’re just friends, you should really check what you write before you comment. Even if they did f*ck, his career wouldn’t be over bc of that… Brad Pitt and Angelina Joliet have fucked many times and aren’t married.

  • Belieber4life

    What do people not understand about the word “privacy” that’s its low. They had no reason to put that video that just pisses me off like just LEAVE HIM ALONE it’s not your right to intrude in his personal buissnes it’s his life.

    • bieberlover


  • bieberfever#1

    they seriously can’t do this to him, its called privacy!!! I seriously hate the miami beach police even more now :(

    • Tabitha.Morales

      I totally agree w/ u


    Scoudrels debase Justin Bieber in order to he would commit suicide !

  • That’s legal

    Actually they are following everything by the book. Yeah the cops might have lied out in the field but intake police do not know what happened. They are just told “this guy has a DUI, resist arrest, and drag racing” so yes they will search you. Just like any jail. They pat down visitors for goodness sake. And his attitude walking in is just rude. You do not treat police like that. Walking around all tuff. You stand with your hands behind your back. Good off. And you are respectful. Even if he didn’t do anything he deserves something for his shitty attitude toward police. Punk.

    • ALee

      Yea cause just suppose to stand still#sarcasim
      I do agree that it’s procedure and they record for a reason but they didn’t need to release it

    • ALee

      If you wanna tell someone to have respect call up the chief of Miami police department

  • Marley

    Why would they release a video…? Invasive much?

  • elisa

    justin bieber totally dervse to be jail for his misbehavior maybe learn from that he not to drink and drive wtf he good guy loving to his girlfriend selena never mind like justin bieber alot he my favorite he his my idol love not begin em so sweet la

  • nicki

    So the cops is liers….Why would they even release a video…

  • Tabitha.Morales

    cops r liars they can go freak themselves
    ain’t hating just saying

  • Djenabou

    Why are they MADD nosy like no bitch get out the way they be like OO we telling all dem facts but little do they know that it’s becoming less reliable and bias of him

  • hannah bieber

    wow that’s just mest up.the cops let out his privacy to the whole world to embarrass him .wow poor Justin .it must be tough being him :(

  • H

    What the f$&@ is wrong with these people, why not release every celebrities pat down , why the hell just him?! Why does he constantly get sh$& on?! They’re out for his blood I’m convinced. Gross.

  • Belieber

    they should not do this because he a pop star. Justin needs privacy

  • sofie

    I feel sorry for him. he can’t be private not even in jail. It’s ashame those people released this video to the media. I don’t Think they would do that if he was just a normal guy not famous. what’s their purpose for doing that? to make him look even more bad. as I said My heart’s breaking for him. I hope and pray those around him support and love him through all of this. I also hope he knows us beliebers are Always there to give hope, love confort and encouragement. I love him so much. I hope Justin finds confort in chantel jeffries and that she shows him she’s trustworthy. I hope she’ll stay by his side. I love you Justin and never give up doing what you love.

  • ivone

    More news to feed the media because as if we haven’t notice they just can’t get enough. People are cruel, they love to kick you while you are down, UNTIL it happens to them!!!

  • shiann j

    Ummm…….. Malina and Ivan um they have a video of Justin beiber drag racing under the influence aka on alcohol and doing marowona um he’s not even old enough to drink u have to be abtleast 21″and hes 19 so drag racing on the open streets is illegal and marowana is a drug so that is really illegal sooooooooo yeah I know they didn’t need to put that video on line but he deserved it but Justin beiber if ur reading this I still love u hopefully I will go to one of ur concerts but if I do I want it to be my very first one !!!!!!!!!!)!!!

  • lara

    why are they even allowed to release such videos?

  • Cassandra

    he should stay in jail because how rude he is! i miss him when he was younger

    • Tanisha

      Well guess what? Hes growing up so stfu. and how do you know that he is rude? your so dumb

  • Belieber Fanā™„

    It was STUPIDLY running street racing in Miami .. What’s wrong with you? It is supposed that you have to sing songs and make videos on YouTube.

    xoxo Cecilie Lassen

    • Tanisha

      He wasn’t drag racing you dummy. it was a false police report. get ur facts straight

  • bieber4eva

    jb is sexxy in that pic thou

  • Bieber #1

    Yea, like wtf!!!!!!! Give him some damn spaces

  • i Love JB